3 Ways To Become A Better Version Of Yourself Everyday

3 Ways To Become A Better Version Of Yourself Everyday
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Happy Memorial Day! In some parts of the world, today is being celebrated for different reasons but today we take a few moments to appreciate the sacrifices of those who died serving their country. While we honour those who have gone ahead, we take a moment to also decide to be better versions of ourselves so our work, our sacrifices can mean something in the grand scheme of things.

The journey to perfection is a slow yet steady climb. It is a deliberate effort to rid your space of all the fear, excuses and limitations and decide to do and be better with every day that comes. Rome they say wasn’t built in a day but everyday a brick was put on top of the other and finally, Rome emerged.

For many, the next day is just same as the last. It is a boring and uneventful circle and before long, gives room to hate, jealousy, and depression. They watch their peers take the world from their couches and give themselves lousy excuses to remain seated there. That is no doubt one of the fastest ways to die. Mentally die that is. But then, doesn’t that eventually lead to real death?

I have met some who are stuck in this unending circle and genuinely want to get out but don’t know how. They want to effect change in whatever way they can but lack the knowledge to do this. The trick is just to start. All the cards may not be at your feet but start first, and they just might fall in place. The first step would be to decide to be a better version of you, and this is how.

1. Read and Write- No I don’t mean the cute painful exercise you did as a baby. Get leadership and other value adding books to read. Soak up all the content that’s stored within. Take a course, decide to read and digest all the content of the course because believe it or not, you can’t be the same person afterwards. Write as much as you can. Many say they’re not professional writers and most times buy essays. While that’s good in some cases, choose to use these materials as a guide to becoming better at it yourself. Write down your plans, your goals, and your strategy. Then run with it.

2. Give Excuses No Room- I once heard a man say excuses are tools of the incompetent, monuments of nothingness and they that use them are not wise. I totally agree. The reason why fifty years from now, you’ll still be seated in the same couch is because you gave the entire house (that is your life) to excuses. That’s an utterly sad thought. Give no room to excuses. None whatsoever. It doesn’t matter whether you can’t design, or build, or write a program. If it’s instrumental to your growth, you’ve got to learn and find a way. Don’t allow your circumstances or locations rob you of the chance to be better. Read, book an appointment with immigration services and change cities, improve your network if you must, but don’t make excuses.

3. Add Value Everyday- I believe strongly that this is the point of it all. Whatever we all set to do should be laced with the desire to add value. Of what use would the light bulb have been to Thomas Edison if he had done it for just himself? The purpose of it all was to add value to the world. While you may not have such large scale plans, it’s important that every day, you acknowledge the fact that you were made to create and add value to the next man. It could be words, opportunities, products, referrals or a service; whatever it is, add value. Doesn’t that give a whole world of meaning to life?

The journey to perfection is a slow and steady climb. Be deliberate and consistent every day about being a better version of yourself and your future will thank you for it. Have an amazing week!

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