3 Ways to Bring Passion Into Your Culture

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Passion is really the heart of all that we do. It is what motivates us, drives us, and gives us the energy and excitement to accomplish what we set out to do. Hire people for their passions. Do not offer jobs anymore but rather an opportunity to fulfill a passion. Organizational energy is created from the collective energy of the group.

Everything is energy. Understanding how to use the personal energy of yourself and the people in your “circle of influence,” whether that is your employees, coworkers, management teams, family members, community groups, governments, etc., is what will propel you further and further towards your goals and dreams. Do not underestimate the power of passion. Passionate people are your strongest asset.

Here we will look at how the WOW factor differentiates you from others, why having Full Engagement of employees is critical, and how to reach the state of Flow.

  1. The WOW Factor

What is the WOW factor of your company? A WOW factor is something that makes the person experiencing your product or service or employment say “WOW! I just love this!” And isn’t that what we want all of our customers saying? When you do this, you’ve suddenly stepped out of the whole competition model of doing business.

  1. Full Engagement

To engage is to occupy one’s full attention: to attract and hold fast. An “engaged employee” is one who is wholeheartedly involved and enthusiastic about their work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization’s interests. Employee engagement is truly one of the most important keys to maximizing performance in any organization today.

Employees who are engaged are more productive, creative, and loyal. They will stay longer with the company and contribute on a daily basis to making the com­pany excel.

  1. Flow

When you’ve worked on the foundational elements of a com­pany, such as discovering the purpose and passions of your people, you can start to regularly achieve a state of flow. Flow is simply defined as a type of happiness in which someone loses the sense of time, self-consciousness, and even self.

Flow is a state of supreme creativity. Clearly it is an ultimate state to reach. The question is, how to get there? The formula is quite simple, with two steps:

  • Be happy in the “now”.
  • Have a vision of the future.

Tapping into the power of passion is essential to being able to accomplish what you want with yourself and with your company. Getting others to feel that same passion and add their personal passions is what energizes a group of people to greatness.

Without the fires of passion burning within, a person loses momentum, enthusiasm, and motivation, things become lackluster. When passion is strong and it is identified and understood, it is possible to harness that energy to create great things and have a big impact in the world.

HCL’s Anand Pillai, a senior vice president, sums up the intent well: “Find the job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”