3 Ways to Deepen the Connection With Your Soul-Self

3 Ways to Deepen the Connection With Your Soul-Self
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I consider myself to be someone who lives from a soul perspective. You could call that awakened, conscious or some might say enlightened. They are all words doing their best to describe the same experience -- that of living supported by a deep sense of inner knowing and connection. Words fail to adequately reflect how that truly feels. It is one of those things that you can only really understand through experience, much like falling in love.

It is amazing to know that you are loved, supported and part of an incredibly intelligent universe that makes no mistakes.

Yet I didn't always feel this way.

Outwardly, I was what would be considered successful in my 20s. I had the high flying corporate job, a wonderful supportive relationship and everything I could need. Yet I was disappointed with myself when I admitted that I still felt a sense of hollowness inside. I felt disconnected. I was still seeking something but I just wasn't sure what.

The thing that was missing was a connection to my soul-self.

Like a mouse following a trail of crumbs, I slowly but surely found my way from living in my head, attached entirely to my thoughts, to living from my heart. I far from believe my journey is over, but the shift in the way I see the world, how supported I feel by the Universe, and how connected I feel to all of life, lets me know I am I on the right path.

"The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart." -- Moikanos.

There are many ways to connect to your heart and start awakening your soul-connection, and once you start on that journey it becomes addictive. Yet here are three things that I believe will greatly assist in strengthening your connection with your soul if you are dedicated to practicing them regularly. They certainly have for me.

1. Meditate
I believe meditation is an essential part of connecting with your soul-self. In order to hear the wisdom from our spirit we need to practice being quiet. Our modern lives are crazy, busy and chaotic and it is little wonder most of us never hear the quiet whisper of our soul. Yet like any other muscle, the more you practice, the better your mind becomes at being quiet.

Having a naturally busy and noisy mind, I struggled to meditate when I first tried several years ago. Guided meditations were the tool that finally allowed me to get through that initial struggle and cement a regular meditation practice. There are many free ones to be found on YouTube or you can also use meditation apps. I recommend starting with 10-minute mediations and doing them at least every second day.

2. Digest Spiritual and Soul-Based Material
I feel blessed to live in a world where wisdom is currently so accessible. The development of the internet, mixed with an increasing desire for enlightening material has led to a proliferation of information being available. When I was starting out on my quest for spiritual knowledge almost 20 years ago, the only place I could find it was in books that my local bookstore happened to have in stock. Now there are specialist sites and pages such as GPS for the Soul, TV shows such as Super Soul Sunday, as well as communities on social media providing information on how to live a soul-driven life.

Soak it up. Read spiritual books that you feel drawn to. Subscribe to sites that share soul-enlightening material and find groups that share in your desire to live from the heart, such as my Facebook group - Here to Thrive. What you fill your mind with matters, and the more you digest this sort of soul-based material, the more your heart will naturally open.

3.Write Yourself Soul Notes
I have found one of the best ways to tap into your inner wisdom is to write. I believe through the act of writing we have the ability to bypass the thinking-brain and instead tap directly into our soul wisdom. For me, the most powerful time to write is after finishing a meditation, when I am calm, relaxed and open.

Upon completing a meditation, grab a pen and paper and just write whatever comes to the page. Don't judge it and don't filter it. Let the words just be released onto the page. This may feel strange at first, but like anything, it will become easier with practice, so if it doesn't come naturally the first time, continue to try. When you read back through your notes, you can recognize wisdom that comes from your soul-self as it is always kind. Your soul-self will never put you down or judge you. Instead you should feel calm, reassured and peaceful.

Kate is a Life & Executive Coach at www.thrive.how. She helps people who want the good stuff out of life, get it. Through her individual coaching programs, she helps people clarify their thinking, grow into their potential and re-gain balance. You can learn more about Kate by following her on Facebook or Instagram, or can sign up to her mailing list and get a copy of her free guide "8 Steps Towards a Thriving Life" by clicking here.

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