3 Ways to Help Your Business Grow Using a Content Strategy Marketing Plan

A content strategy and content strategy marketing plan are distinctly different from each other. Basically, a content strategy marketing plan builds your brand and a target audience while getting your target people to perform some kind of call-to-action. For example, if you are a debut author, you might be focused on increasing your subscriber list by providing some kind of freebie like a free chapter from your book. Or if you're running a book promotion offering a discount for a limited time, your focus is on sales.

If you post to your blog, then you are generating content. But many people think they need to post constantly to see any traffic. They are surprised that nobody is paying attention to them, get discouraged and then they end up dropping their blog forever. This happens all the time! (By the way, blogging is just one part of the content marketing puzzle.)

Optimize content with the right platform

Reaching the right target audience entails optimization of content (the information) with the appropriate platform. (how you will reach your customers) When you understand the problems facing your target audience, you can also integrate optimized titles, SEO tags and keywords to help build your rankings in the search engines.

For example, reaching out to your audience with specific content that is specifically marketed to your email lists is one way to optimize content with the right platform. If you don't know what your target audience is specifically looking for, doing initial market research will help generate a profile.

Map Your Content

Your target audience directly impacts the kinds of content you put out there. What are your audience's needs? Who is your target audience? What are your content channels and what kind of content will you be putting out? Blogging establishes online visibility and builds your brand.

Align your goals to suit your content marketing plan

Goals vary depending on the type of business. What are some of the problems you might encounter and how might you overcome them? If yearly goals are too much to digest, try breaking them into quarterly goals.

Is one of your 2016 goals to sell more books or impact a specific target audience? For example, if you're an author, blogging and writing books are just a few ways to strategize your content. Having a content strategy marketing plan makes your time more accountable instead of just wasting time figuring out what to post each day. Sounds familiar? It also ensures that your content is aligned with the right business goals.

These three content strategies tie into your platform, or how you are going to reach your customers with your many online activities. The key is to think about your platform strategically in light of your target audience. And with so many users reading from their smartphones, your content might just appeal to a wider number of the masses.