3 Ways to Instantly Remove Negativity From Your Life

Follow these three steps to get rid of the Soul Suckers, the Haters, the Bullies and others who just have no damn respect for your well being.
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Blood sample with PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) positive
Blood sample with PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) positive

Conflict Cannot Survive Without Your Permission - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Trying to maintain a healthy, positive attitude isn't always easy. As a matter of fact it takes a lot of hard work and action on your part.

You may wake up with all good intentons of carrying out your day gratefully, gracefully and happily - but then the negativity from others come crashing in on your peace of mind - one by one - until you find yourself spewing profanity, yelling at your spouse or the kids, going into fits of rage, depression or maybe even reaching for a drink. Instead of destroying your own mindset, take back your control!

Follow these three steps to get rid of the Soul Suckers, the Haters, the Bullies and others who just have no damn respect for your well being.

1. Give Yourself Permission To Love From A Distance

You hear the phone ring and instantly your anxiety kicks in, your blood pressure goes up, your head starts to hurt and you would rather stab yourself in the eye than to pick it up and speak to the person on the other end. Your intuition, something from deep down in your soul, has given you a clear warning to stay away from the caller - yet you pick it up anyway, typically on the last ring. Why? Who is this person that makes you feel like you owe them? Is it a family member that wants to take digs at your lifestyle? Is it a friend or co-worker that wants to complain about a bad situation that they seen never willing to change? Or is it an ex that just can't move on? Whomever it is, is it worth risking your blissful state of mind ? No! The truth is that you do not owe anyone anything! It's time to start taking care of you and time to stop worrying about how you will make others feel. After all, are they worried about how much they are stressing you out? Try saying this next time: "I care about you and I am truly sorry, but I just can't talk to you for awhile. I am working at building a more positive lifestyle and mindset and these conversations are just not healthy for me". Sure they'll get pissed off, but you will feel a relief like you never felt before.

2. Choose More Consciously What You Read Or Watch

How often do you watch or read the news with smile on your face? The media is out of control. Story after story is based on tragic events, disturbing images and articles that cause a separation in togetherness instead of trying to bring all of humanity together. The media and news outlets need an audience and for years upon years they have used fear, mind control and absurdity to sell. Of course it's important to know whats going on in the world - but it's more important to focus on the things we can change. I was a news addict myself for 10 years, literally reading from five different sources a day, and I was miserable, pessimistic and negative. Now I read the news maybe once a week and that is even difficult to bare with the focus being mostly on political candidates that bully, mislead, and behave like two year olds. Limiting the time I focus on it though has not only relieved my stress and anxiety, it also gave me more time to work on making my surroundings more serene. Next time you feel like watching or reading the news, pick up a good book from authors such as Rudolph Steiner, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Loiuse Hay, Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle or Oprah. The more you read or watch positive messages, the more it gets into your subconscious and you just start feeling and living better!

3. Social Media Is What You Make It - So Make It Good

Now more than ever there seems to be an abundance of individuals living more consciously, intentionally, and compassionately. In addition to this there is a massive amount of support groups, inspirational pages, and a tremendous flow of positivity. With that being said, there is still disruptive behavior that comes in all sorts of forms; bullying, people complaining about their spouses or ex spouses, predators, tasteless jokes and meme's, the list goes on. Whatever it is that makes your soul cringe, get rid of it. The good thing is that the only thing that separates you from them is a computer screen or a phone screen. Start deleting, unfriending, unfollowing. Do whatever it is you need to do to protect your emotional well being. And one more thing...no more snooping on other people if it only makes you feel bad! Put the focus back on you and what makes you feel good!

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