3 Ways To Kick Butt... Your Own!

Tired of the same old, same old? Feel like you're in a rut? On a treadmill that leads nowhere... and doesn't even help reduce calories?

Let's change all that!

You'll use three of the 5 "W's" taught to you as school child. Who, What and When! However being a creative soul (as all HP readers) you'll modify them.

Who - "Who am I?"
What - "What do I want?"
When - "When am I going to get it?"

Let's start kicking butt. It's time to get out of the pattern of accepting things as they are and continually putting one foot in front of the other in lockstep propelling you forward with no direction in mind... sort of like raking leaves without an end in sight.

In order to make this happen it's up to you to shake your life up. We'll begin with a Mind Acrobatics exercise to jump start the process.

Mind Acrobatics Exercise # 1 - "Who The Heck Am I?"

As with all Mind Acrobatics exercises, read it through first and when appropriate, try it on for size!

Materials: Magic Inside Out Mirror, pen and paper
Time Needed: A few minutes
Location: Anywhere you can be alone

  • Stand in front of the mirror.
  • Take five slow, deep breaths.
  • Close your eyes and count to 10.
  • Open them and peek at yourself for a moment or so.
  • How do you look from the inside... remember, this mirror is magic!
  • Take a seat with your pen and paper.
  • Another few slow breaths would be helpful now.
  • Begin writing in stream of consciousness what defines you at present. No self-censoring; just an assessment of how you see yourself.
  • Write all the adjectives you would use to describe you.
  • List everything that's working well in your life.
  • Record all that is "driving you crazy."
  • Identify one thing you would change if you could.
  • Stop when the words no longer flow freely.
  • Take a few more breaths, stand up and put your pen and paper aside.
Great. Whether or not you realize it, you've begun to kick butt. You've engaged in introspection and come up with what you enjoy about the present and things you'd like to change.

Once you've identified the first "W" (who) you've hit the 1/3 mile marker on the highway to change.

Let some time pass then revisit the list you created. Once you've done this you're ready to identify the second "W." As a BONUS, you'll lose a few calories and feel great.

Mind Acrobatics Exercise # 2 - "What The Heck Do I Want?"

Materials: Pen, paper, shoes or sneakers; if you live by a beach... go barefoot
Time Needed: About 30 minutes
Location: Your favorite walking place

  • Take a leisurely stroll and attempt to quiet your mind... you're not looking for any questions or answers right now.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors and be aware of the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Take a few slow deep breaths.
  • Listen to all the sounds, see the sights, let the wind touch your face, smell the air.
  • If there is someplace you feel safe, stand or sit and rest for a few minutes with your eyes closed.
  • Continue enjoying your walk and then return home.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair.
  • Recall the walk you just took.
  • In pure stream of consciousness write about what you'd like out of life. It may be now, the near or distant future.
  • Stop whenever you like.
Marvelous, you've hit the 2/3 mile marker on your journey of self-discovery and change. You've become more aware of how you see yourself (Who) and some of the things you want (What) out of life. The more we know about ourselves the easier it is to make changes.

Self-insight is a non-medicinal, non-herbal medication. It's super effective and the pharmaceutical firms can't patent it. Wow, there's no disclaimers or negative symptoms that come with self-insight.


Instead the self-insight label reads: Use of this knowledge will bring clarification, a sense of well-being, release of stress, diminished worry, enhanced life enjoyment, bliss, revitalization, clearheadedness, pleasant surprises and in rare cases discovery of Utopia.

Are you enjoying yourself yet? Hopefully the answer is yes!

Fantastic. Take out your "Kick Butt" road atlas and locate where the highway ends... it's indicated by the .9999 mile marker. That's your current goal and destination. But wait, this map is magical just like the mirror. Once you reach your journey's end it will reset and give you another scenic route to pursue.

It's almost like programming a GPS except it's your internal computer chip sending new and exciting directions for exploration.

More goals, more change, more excitement, more opportunities... more joy from life.

Now it's time for our final jaunt of the day.

Mind Acrobatics Exercise # 3 - "If Not Now When"?

Materials: Paper, pen, calendar or digital planner and your paper from Exercise #1
Time Needed and Location: Entirely up to you

  • Sit anywhere that feels relaxing.
  • Take ten slow breaths.
  • Pull out your paper from the first exercise.
  • Look at the item you identified as the one thing you would "change if you could."
  • Mentally prepare yourself to change it! Not all at once... incrementally.
  • Outline the steps needed to create and sustain the change.
  • Set dates when you will take each action needed to reach your goal.
  • Stand, kick your leg backwards and hit your backside.
Congratulations, you've just kicked butt. You're headed on the highway to fulfillment, change, revitalization and self actualization.

You've been an engaged participant in your life. Now would be a great time to pledge that you'll never again be a passive observer of your own existence.

Today was the first step. Becoming more introspective, active and taking charge of your life is a slow but incredibly rewarding process. Whether you realize it or not your brain cells are rewired and will be on the lookout for every opportunity for life enhancement.

Go out and have fun.


I welcome your thoughts, observations and suggestions for ways to enhance life. Please feel free to share them in the comments section below. Thanks. Dave!

Excerpted and adapted from the forthcoming book: Comfy In My Skin... Transformation From The Inside Out! By Dave Kanegis

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