3 Ways to Plan Digital Afterlife

Facebook, Google and Twitter all have different policies dealing with your digital afterlife. State laws are emerging in the social media afterlife world. That being said, here are 3 ways to plan your digital afterlife now:

1. Google/Gmail/Google Plus/You Tube/Blogger:

Use the tool "inactive account manager." Your data can be deleted after a certain period of inactivity or you can designate someone to receive the data. Inactive account manager (Your survivor must sign into their google account to access this tool.)

2. Facebook

There is no access to accounts of dead people on Facebook. Your survivors can request that the account be "memorialized." The account then will not appear in the "people you know" section for friendship suggestions.

The settings remain the same as if you were alive. Memorialized

3. Twitter

A death certificate needs to be presented and the account can be deactivated. Since the name on the death certificate might not match the name on the account, your survivors also need to provide a "brief description of the details that evidence this accounts belongs to the deceased,"

A deactivated account can be deleted after 30 days. Delete account