3 Ways To Share Your Brand's Story


Oh! The joy of starting a new business. There's nothing more exciting than seeing your passion become it's own thing standing in it's own two feet, doing what you love and making a living out of it.

As an entrepreneur, there's a rush or a thrill in every little aspect of growing your startup or artistry. But what's more awesome is what sets you apart from regular businesses.

You see, I am talking about branding. Most people are so focused on getting their products out or making new clients that they forget about what makes a company grow and thrive.

Branding is more than a brand name or a product. It's the big why and the story behind your company that really connects you with your people [your ideal clients]. It's the "who are you?", "what do you do?", what value are you bringing to the table, your truth and more.

Branding becomes the heart and soul of your business.

There are many ways you can tell your brand's story and share what you do with the world.

Content marketing: A lot of business owners promote their work writing articles and posting them to different blogs. They key here is to share something of value that your business has knowledge on while sharing more about what you do.
Photos, graphics and images: Photos and visual aids overall are one of the best ways to communicate your identity. Not only you can share about the lifestyle of your brand but you can make people relate to your product in a more real way. You can also increase your reach immensely by using your social media platforms.
Video marketing: "In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video" said CEO Mark Zuckerberg in November 2014. And I believe him, it's only been a year and half since he said that and I can see a huge difference on our social media reach when we post a video vs. a photo. Even platforms like Instagram are doing more video. Video is all about *show don't tell* and I personally believe that a polished well produced video can go a long way. Not only you can post it to your social media platforms but it can also live in your website for future clients to see what you are all about. The ROF can be very high and you can effectively communicate your mission, who you are and what your product is about. People will get an experience that they can relate to.

The bottom line: Telling your brand story is sharing what you do with the world. Social media and content marketing are the best ways you have to interact with the people that are into what you do.

Check out our recent work for artist Nina Beckhardt were we produced a creative documentary style video. In less than 2 minutes she was able to share her work as a mural artist in Los Angeles, in this commissioned gig for production designer Rob Wilson King at Zeee Studio.

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Click here for more examples, you might get inspired!

Love, Lucia [Founder & CEO of Tinylicious, a Los Angeles based creative agency. Passionate about creative people, changemakers and beautiful minds that want to create awesome video content and give their business or brand a voice]

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