3 Ways to Take Back Your Life


You get up in the morning. You go to work or look for work to be able to pay your bills and provide for your family. Throughout the day you check your watch constantly because you can't wait to get off and enjoy your time away from your desk. You go home, spend some time with your friends or family while thinking about how you will survive the next day doing the same routine over again.

You wonder when life will turn around for you and you finally get to live your life instead of having to survive day in and day out. You are tired, exhausted and just wish that God will open doors for you to escape your dreadful life.

The secret is that you create your own reality. The wonderful ability of your mind is, that it can change your perceived reality of life. I understand that sometimes all facts speak against you and that if I could just see what you are going through I would understand. I get it and I fully acknowledge your experience because to you it feels real. There is nothing wrong or right about you or the circumstances you are facing.

Your brain is a miracle worker. Your subconscious mind plays a huge role in how your life is going and how you experience it. Your conscious mind has the will, while your subconscious mind has the power to accomplish what you are called to do. The reason is that everything within you reacts and creates according to your emotions. What you feel is what you put into action.

Your mind plays a big part in regulating your personality, your responses to experiences, knowledge and dreams imprinted on your heart. Your mind and your brain are co-dependent.
With that in mind, there are three ways to take back your life and to understand what it means to live fully within your own inner power.

1) Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for how your life is going. Being the victim of your circumstances and the people around you will never get you anywhere near living your dream. If your subconscious mind is what is driving your actions, then you want to pay close attention to how you want to feel. Whatever you focus on, you will create more of. With every thought you are thinking, you set energy free that leads you on your path-positive or negative. If you are not ready emotionally to experience the life you are called to live, you unfortunately won't get there physically either. In this case, you will struggle more with sabotaging your own success than actually experiencing success.

2) Stop Blaming Others

It seems to always be someone else's fault. Your coworkers are being mean to you. Your boss doesn't acknowledge your value. The government is your enemy and only wants the worst for you. Maybe. Maybe not. You see, as long as you believe that the way your life is going has nothing to do with you, you will always be the slave to your world around you. You are handing over your significance and power to everything and everyone that will confront you. Every time you let this happen to you, you will feel smaller and smaller. Strip off that belief that you can't change anything anyways. Actually, you are the only one who can get up and make a difference. You are the only one who has the power to change your beliefs and thoughts and therefore your life. Other people don't make you feel a certain way. You allow them to. Nobody ever can determine how you will feel today or tomorrow but you. Take responsibility for how you want to experience life, not how other's "force" you to experience life because it is not true.

3) Tune In With Yourself

We can only come from a powerful place and create the life we are called to live, if we are able to tune in with ourselves. Your soul, your inner guide, is your foundation you are building your life on. If your foundation is shaky your experience of life will be the same. Every time you feel you are losing control, you know you are no longer connected within yourself. Disconnection on such a deep level also means that you are not trusting yourself nor your Divine guide, your source from within. In this case, you will get sucked into all kind of emotional tornados and it won't feel pretty. A whole lot of confusion and trash will start to pile up in your personal path which is difficult to climb over.

Center yourself, knowing and understanding that you can and will take back your life because you are the only one controlling your thoughts and beliefs. Next time you feel stuck, try this: Identify the emotions you are feeling. Name it and write it down. Then write the opposite of this emotion behind it. Feel it, breathe it in, imagine what it would be like to feel exactly that. Hold on to that emotion because in that moment you create a chemical reaction within your brain that allows you re-train your brain to where it connects your "horrible" situation with positive emotions. It may sound weird. But in that moment you are setting energy free that will help you receive more of what you want instead of what you don't want to experience. Positive emotions attracts more of the same, while negative emotions do the same. Choose wisely.