3 Ways to Think Different Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs still has an impact on Silicon Valley just as The Beatles still have an impact on music. Start-Ups are starting every day and it seems like everyone I talk to is, or wants to, become an entrepreneur.

Steve Jobs is the Yoda of the Valley. Everyone still talks about him and everyone still wants to be him. Mr. Job's famous slogan "Think Different" seems to be the slogan to all the start-ups and all the budding entrepreneurs.

But it seems to me that most have not paid any attention to Mr. Job's mind and how that made him really Think Different.

1. Zen Buddhism- Mr Jobs was always a very spiritual person. Before he created Apple he went on a spiritual journey to India. After he was publicly fired from his first stint at Apple, Mr. Jobs studied Zen Buddhism with his mentor Kobun Chino Otagawa. Kobun Chino Otagawa also officiated Mr. Job's wedding in 1991 and was a mentor to Mr. Jobs during his return to Apple. The greatest asset meditation will give you is a deep sense of intuition or your gut feeling. After studying zen buddhism for over four years I can attest to this. Meditation is your human man. Meditation will tell you where to go, what to do and who to hire.

2. Diet- Diet was a huge part of Steve Job's life. He was a strict vegan which he began after his trip to India. Why is this such a big deal? Think about it. How many times have you had a huge meal such as a big cheese burger or a pizza and felt sleepy afterwards? You become groggy and unclear and unfocused and lazy. Diet was a huge part of Mr. Job's life and should be a part of every entrepreneur's life. After becoming a Vegan, my mindset and energy has increased a great deal. I don't get sleepy and my focus is on point.

3. Focus- Focus doesn't mean saying yes, focus means saying no to almost everything and then saying yes to what you really want to do. Mr. Jobs would often ask Vice President of Design Jony Ive how many times Mr. Ive said no in a day. We tend to spend time on things that don't make ourselves or our companies successful. What are your conversations like? Are you staying focused? Are you saying No to 99 percent of things and then saying Yes to what you really want to do?

I invite you to Think Different Today and Make a Dent in the Universe.