3 Ways to Value Your Body

When you make a conscious choice to appreciate your body for all that it can do, you can change how you treat your body on a daily basis. After all, I believe a perfect body is the body that you are happy with.
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Think about how amazing our bodies are. Our bodies can transform from unhealthy to healthy. They can transition from obese to athlete. Our bodies can produce life, heal us from the common cold, or fight our way back from serious illness. We can build muscle, improve our cardiovascular fitness, and get stronger. Too often we take our bodies for granted, not taking time to think of what our bodies can do for us. When you make a conscious choice to appreciate your body for all that it can do, you can change how you treat your body on a daily basis. After all, I believe a perfect body is the body that you are happy with.

1. Compliment, don't criticize. You might think the battle against your weight or your desire to live a healthy lifestyle is all about your body, but it's truly a battle that is fought in your mind. With the right thoughts, you can have a healthy lifestyle and body you want. As a matter of fact, women experience an average 13 negative thoughts per day about their bodies. Don't let that be you! Defeated thoughts or self-criticisms keep you stuck. Power up your mind with the positive.

Are you kind to yourself?

Do you treat yourself as you'd treat a best friend?

Do you give yourself at least one compliment daily? Every time you show yourself a little self-love you invest in your own well-being. Contributing to your own well-being is something you can practice.

Comfort yourself if you've had a bad day or are going through a rough patch.

Consciously make decisions that make you feel good about yourself.

Think about the qualities you like about yourself -- from your personality, to your interests, to your physical traits.

Make decisions that make you feel good about you. View every little choice as a deposit into your mental and physical health and those small decisions can add up to a healthy lifestyle.

2. Enjoy your health. A friend recently posted on her Facebook page, "I am envious of people with the luxury of health. And most don't even realize they have it." Wow, so true. She is in her 30s and has battled cancer most of her adult life. Our health truly is a gift and some of us forget that we have this gift.

Appreciate and value your body each day. When you feel good, take time to notice it. Our greatest wealth is our health." -- Virgil.

Enjoy the great way your body feels after a workout.

Celebrate your personal achievements and be proud of your wins.

Feel triumphant about your decisions to exercise and eat clean.

Fully enjoy a high energy day.

I always tell my clients "Every workout you do is a personal triumph over laziness and procrastination." Seriously, you separate yourself from the majority of the people who don't workout at all. Appreciate how it feels to build new muscle or feel lighter during a workout. Lots of people wish for a day without illness or aches and pains, so if you have your health, cherish it.

3. Love your company. As the saying goes by Diane Von Furstenberg, "You are always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company." If you don't enjoy your own company or you aren't content with yourself, it becomes more difficult to value yourself and respect your body. How much you enjoy your own company is directly related to what streams through your mind on a regular basis. When you are kind to yourself, think lots of positive thoughts and live with a gratitude mindset, you are likely going to enjoy your own company.

Relax with your own thoughts.

Use alone time to recharge mentally and physically.

If are currently uncomfortable spending time alone, pay attention to what you say to yourself.

Take up meditation.

Practice self-comfort.

Be on your own side.

Your mind holds the power to change how you value and treat your body. It may be tough to hear, but you do have control over what you think about and how you view yourself -- even if you want to make improvements to your body. You still can love yourself right now. Capture your personal power by complimenting yourself, relishing in your good health and loving your company. Think of everything your body can do. Value yourself and your body starting today.