3 Ways Your Business Can Act Locally and Impact Globally

As entrepreneurs and CEOs, we all know the business benefits of "doing well by doing good" with studies continuing to show that the vast majority of global consumers consider social responsibility when deciding which products or services to buy. Companies large and small are on a mission to tackle big global issues such as climate change, poverty, and gender equality; however, companies often fail to see the connection between local efforts and global impact.

Some of the best ways for companies to change the world is to start by doing local actions. Here are 3 ways your company can do some global good by working within your local community.

Invest in Local People
We all know the value of hiring the right team members, but are you truly investing in people? One of the cornerstones of my company is to provide much-needed jobs and incomes for the local workforce, this not only improves my company and its bottom line, but it improves the neighborhoods and communities we serve. Our hiring process is rigorous and we offer ongoing education and training throughout their employment--giving us a team that not only believes in our company, but they know we believe in them and want to see them succeed inside and outside of our business. Investing in people instead of just "hiring" people allows you to build a framework for strong, sustainable growth--not only for you and your community, but for the world.

Tackle Local Issues that Matter
Chances are your socially-conscious company has a mission with wide-spread, even global relevancy. However, tackling smaller issues that affect your local community can also have wide-spread global implications as it directly engages employees in social impact work. Do a quick survey of your employees to find out which community organizations and/or overall community needs are of most interest to them as well as what type of volunteer experience they already have. This will give you a good idea of which community and volunteer opportunities may be a good fit for your company. Click here for tips on creating an employee volunteer program.

Get Personally Involved
Entrepreneurs and other corporate leaders should become personally involved in their local communities. "We are problem solvers and disruptors; we think creatively; we are resourceful," writes Patrick Hull for Forbes.com. "I think we all have a responsibility to give back to our communities and help others in whatever ways we can." In addition to the altruistic benefits of personal community involvement it also benefits your business by helping you build stronger relationships with clients and broadening your professional network. Getting involved locally will also help promote your global vision--allowing others to better understand the WHY behind your brand and align themselves with your mission.

While thinking globally and acting locally has been a common phrase among environmentalists, it now includes tackling social issues such as homelessness, financial literacy, and mental health support--giving businesses throughout the world an opportunity to impact big change by first investing in the people and communities they serve.

Here's to making a big impact locally in 2017!

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