3 Ways Your Errors Can Lead to BIG Success

"Always leave room for error."

You've heard this advice before, right?

Essentially, it sets you up to prepare for Plan B... C... D... E... and possibly F.

If you're someone that doesn't believe in "Plan B" you may not agree with me on this one... but hear me out anyways, please?

I, for one, am ALL about leaving room for error, hoping for the best, focusing on the small steps and releasing the ultimate result.

"Release the result."

This is another little gem of advice you have probably received at some point.

While this is truly one of the BEST ways to start having FUN as you work towards your goals... it's important to understand what it is you're actually doing when you release the results.

Releasing the result is the easiest way to leave room for error. (Funny how everything is ALWAYS connected, right?)

Often times, the idea of leaving room for error is associated with expecting something WORSE or LESS than what you wanted to happen... but what about the flip side of that coin?

What about all of those AMAZING things that you can't feasibly think of right now... because they are simply out of your sight range.

Think of your goal as a plateau on a mountain. You know you wanna get there, you see the path you will most likely need to take, and you understand that it might take a while to get to this plateau.

But what's ABOVE that plateau?

What terrain waits for you once you get there?
What blessings are waiting for your arrival?

What if you sail past this plateau and are suddenly overwhelmed with crazy amounts of blessings... LOVE... ABUNDANCE... CONNECTION... and so many others?! What if THAT is what you started to expect?

Leaving room for error simply means that you are ALLOWING space for things to turn out even BETTER than you could have imagined.

I'm willing to bet that the majority of your life changing experiences have been the ones you Never. Saw. Coming.

• The person who took your breath away when you least expected it.
• The opportunity you received after one of the biggest rejections of you life.
• The person you met at the party you weren't planning to attend.
• The job you accepted because it just felt right.

There are SO many amazing things waiting for you. Blessings that are waiting to blow your mind, shatter your world, and leave you with the feeling that your heart is literally BURSTING with LOVE.

THAT is what you deserve. Truly.

Unlimited Abundance + Unconditional LOVE. THAT is your birth right.

THAT is what you should expect.

"Expect the unexpected."

This is the final piece of (borderline cliche) advice I want to reiterate for you today.
(Hey, cliches are just on point sometimes.)

ALLOW yourself to leave room for error... ABOVE your current Dream Reality.

You never know... Plan E may be the one you actually want... you just can't see it yet.

TRUST that you are worthy of EVERYTHING. ALL of it. Always.

~ J