30 Big Ideas to Make Your Blog Pop

The need to come up with a steady flow of quality content for your blog can be daunting and downright exasperating. Even the best bloggers experience writer's block occasionally. Since you're already wearing 10 hats to start and run your business, the last thing you need is to waste time thinking of how you'll push out content on your blog. How fortunate is it that I've developed a list of 30 big ideas that will make your blog pop?

1. How To Posts
This category is a huge one, and the specifics will depend on the industry you're in. But here are a few specifics:
2. How to get more out of your product
3. How to use your product
4. How to solve your customer's problem

5. Industry News
This could keep you in content indefinitely, if you work in an industry that has a lot happening. Set Google Alerts for industry keywords so you're on top of breaking news.
6. New technology
7. Big players making a splash
8. Awards or events
9. Regulations and laws passed

10. Company Info
While not every post should be company or product-centric, it's always good to throw in some of these to stay connected with your audience.
11. Awards won or honors bestowed
12. New hires
13. Press releases
14. New products or new product features
15. Interview of a staff member
16. Promotions

17. Product Details
Again, don't go overboard with posts about your products. Keep them beneficial to readers, and focus less on the features you think make your products great.
18. Comparison to similar products
19. Special features
20. New colors or options released
21. Reviews of your products from third parties

22. Your Insight
Your readers like to connect with you as a person, so writing content in your voice and with your opinion always does the job.
23. Your predictions for the coming year
24. Behind-the-scenes glimpse at the operations of your company
25. Your take on industry trends

26. Other
Read your competitors' blogs to see what your audience cares about. While you don't want to copy those posts verbatim, they can give you ideas for posts with a different angle on the same topic. Subscribe to RSS feeds and email newsletters, and always be on the lookout for more blog ideas.
27. Answer frequently asked questions
28. Case studies of your customers
29. Research: conduct surveys and share results
30. Top 10 lists

Never Run Out of Blog Topics Again

While this list should help you come up with at least a dozen great topics for your business blog, you want to ensure that you get a strategy in place to keep the content flowing. Create a word document, spreadsheet or carry a notebook to record ideas as you think of them. Set aside time and a place for writing when your head and thoughts are clear. Pull out your list of topics and you may even find that you can knock off two or three at a time. Technology makes it easy to schedule blog posts -- so you can set it and forget it, leaving no excuses for not having a steady stream of quality content for your readers to relish.

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