30 Careers With The Highest Paying Salaries

The Notorious B.I.G. has been know to say "mo money, mo problems," but I can't think of anyone who would say no to a little extra cash from work. There is a substantial debate around the question of how much money we need to be happy, but interestingly enough, what we do with our money affects our happiness more than how much of it we actually make.

Image Credit: GotCredit

If you are curious about the careers that offer you more money to then figure out what to do with, though, take a look at this list, which was created by analyzing the 200 jobs listed in the 2015 Jobs Rated Report and restructuring the list in terms of income.

Keep in mind that some of the careers on this list require substantial training, high stress levels, or taxing work environments. Others like airline pilot, data scientist, and software engineer, however, you can do while traveling the world. Either way, you'll be raking in the big bucks by choosing any of these listed careers:

1. Tax Examiner/Collector
2. Surgeon
3. Psychiatrist
4. Military General
5. Public Relations Executive
6. Physician (General Practice)
7. Corporate Executive (Senior)
8. Dentist
9. Petroleum Engineer
10. Orthodontist
11. Data Scientist
12. Air Traffic Controller
13. Pharmacist
14. Podiatrist
15. Judge
16. Airline Pilot
17. Attorney
18. Physicist
19. Astronomer
20. Online Sales Manager
21. Purchasing Manager
22. Aerospace Engineer
23. Mathematician
24. Nuclear Engineer
25. Optometrist
26. Human Resources Manager
27. Advertising Account Executive
28. Actuary
29. Economist
30. Software Engineer

Any careers on this list that surprise you? One that you think we missed? Do you actually know what an actuary does? Leave a comment below!