30 Lessons I (Finally) Learned in 2014

1. I am creative. To my core. And so are you.

2. All in good time really means all in good time.

3. You can fearlessly be yourself. Those who love you will love you. Ignore the rest.

4. The world needs us to live what we love. Be the light. And shine it.

5. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Back yourself.

6. You can live on your own terms without compromising anyone else's.

7. When you truly learn how to say no, the right things become a yes.

8. The small things are what's important. And really, they aren't all that small.

9. You should start before you're ready. And keep going long after you want to stop.

10. You don't have to clear all of your space. Just clear the space that matters.

11. Get on with it. Really, go on.

12. Do what makes your soul happy.

13. Trust the universe. It's got your back.

14. You can create great change, gently.

15. You know more than you think you do. And you're braver than you think you are.

16. The divine feminine is sacred. So is the divine masculine. Balance brings harmony.

17. Grace and ease is the most kickass path there is.

18. Time is precious and life is short. But really, it's all about energy.

19. What you do makes a difference. Act like it.

20. It's safe to own your brilliance.

21. Stop comparing. There is no equal to you (and anyway, everyone has their shit to deal with).

22. Follow your instincts. Trust them like your life depends on it. It does.

23. Savor the magic, and there will be more of it.

24. Deconstruct your envy. It has lessons to teach you.

25. Honor your muse. If you don't respect her, she will stop showing up.

26. When you work you're zone of genius, you will be of the greatest service.

27. You must look after yourself. No exceptions. No excuses.

28. Sad things happen. To really good people. And you can't always explain it.

29. You deserve every success, however you define it. Don't settle for less than your true hearts desire.

30. Be grateful for every moment you have. Every single one.

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