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30 Radically Simple Ways to Change Your Life

We need change, and there are many very simple ways that you can bring positive change into your life now.
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Life is not supposed to stand still. Change is an important part of growth, and it keeps us on a never ending adventure. Change helps us heal and brings us into our next phases in life. Without change we would always be stuck in the same place doing the same thing, and how much fun is that? We need change, and there are many very simple ways that you can bring positive change into your life now:

1. Get a Makeover

Changing your style will not only change how you look, but it can also change your attitude and the way you behave. When people look good they feel confident, and when people are confident they make healthier choices for themselves and seize more opportunities that come their way.

2. Adopt a New Affirmation

Integrating a positive affirmation into your life such as, "I am worthy of all good things" can make you a more hopeful, positive person. Choose an uplifting phrase and repeat it to yourself as often as you can throughout the day.

3. Redecorate Your Living Space

Restyling your home or integrating some bright colors into your living space can dramatically affect your mood and help you enjoy being home more. Your home should be your haven where you can relax and be yourself.

4. Unclutter Your Home

On the same note, your home should not look like a storage room or a junk yard. It is nearly impossible to relax when your space is unorganized and you are surrounded by so many things. Sell and donate anything that you are not using, and set up an organization system to prevent clutter build-up in the future.

5. Adopt a Pet

There are millions of animals stuck in animal control facilities and animal shelters worldwide. It would make a dog's day to bring him or her home to live with you, and it will bring more fun and love into your life as well.

6. Find a New Hobby

Find something that you enjoy doing and do it often.

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7. Cut Down on Caffeine

Caffeine is a major contributor to stress and high blood pressure. It also keeps you dependent on it and slows down your body.

8. Replace One Hour Of Television With One Hour Of Reading

Reading is good for the brain. It's relaxing, it helps you sleep better, and it improves your grammar and spelling.

9. Start Running

Runners are happy and healthy, period.

10. Go to Therapy

Attending therapy sessions can help alleviate depression, stress, and mental illness. You can find yourself and start over again.

11. Change Your Mattress

Getting better quality sleep at night can keep you more alert and awake throughout your day, and it can help you sleep longer too.

12. Change Your Pillows

Sometimes just changing your pillows can make a big difference in your posture, the way you sleep, and ultimately your mood.

13. Reduce Your Phone Time

Make it a habit to put your phone away and get some quiet time to yourself. This will help you relax and it can alleviate your stress by taking you off standby mode.

14. Cut Sugar From Your Diet

Sugary foods such as pastries, candies, and soft drinks are major contributors to obesity, illness, and depression.

15. Make a Gratitude List Every Day

Making a list of all the things you are grateful for on a daily basis can keep you positive, self-aware, and happy.

16. Do Mirror Work

Louise Hay advocates standing in front of a mirror every day and saying, "I love you." It can help you to be kinder to yourself and others.

17. Cook and Eat at Home

If you have a habit of eating out all the time, try eating at home for a while. Restaurants and fast food chains tend to use a lot more sugar and oil in their cooking than you may be comfortable with. Cooking at home allows you to control your meals and you can also save money.

18. Volunteer

Becoming a regular volunteer at an organization you care about adds to your skills and experience, and it helps you grow as a person.

19. Save more money

Having more of a cushion in your bank account will help you stress less about finances. Try cutting one expense such as cable or magazine subscriptions and save the money you would normally spend in a special account.

20. Stretch Every Day

Stretching keeps you healthy and relaxed, and it also helps to prevent injuries.

21. Exercise Every Day

Almost every doctor recommends daily exercise in any form, so find a routine you enjoy and make it a habit.

22. Start a Journal

Journaling is another great tool that can help you grow and evolve as a person. It can also improve your writing skills.

23. Go Back to School

This may not sound like a simple way to make a life change, but it can be. Try free online courses, free seminars, or just take one or two classes per semester.

24. Give up Alcohol

Alcohol can cause hangovers, fatigue, and much worse.

25. Spend More Time In Nature

Spending time outdoors is relaxing, refreshing, and it helps bring our bodies back into equilibrium.

26. Conquer Your Fears And Phobias

Facing and conquering your life long fears once and for all can make you feel more confident and in control. It can also bring more peace into your life.

27. Eat at Least 4 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Per Day

Getting our vitamins naturally is essential to good health, plus the fiber helps us maintain a healthy weight.

28. Buy a Portable Charger for Your Phone

If you don't have one already, go buy one! You'll never have to run around frantically looking for an outlet ever again. Even better, buy a portable solar phone charger to save energy.

29. Take Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that help you digest food. They also keep your skin clear and strengthen your immune system.

30. Find New Music

Discovering new songs that you love can bring more energy and enthusiasm into your life. It can motivate you to work out more, to be more creative, and to put you in a good mood.

Implementing any one of these changes into your life is sure to make a difference in big or small ways.