"30 Rock" Debut Still Weeks Away, Despite Tina Fey's Stardom

With her three Emmy Awards, her ubiquitous American Express commercials, and especially her must-see Sarah Palin impersonations, Tina Fey is not just the hottest star on NBC; she is about the hottest star in show business at the moment.

So where is "30 Rock?" The hugely praised but ratings-challenged comedy has yet to return to NBC even as interest in its creator and star, Ms. Fey, has exploded. Several executives inside NBC asked last week why NBC's entertainment division was waiting until Oct. 30 to get "30 Rock" back on the air.

Ben Silverman, the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, said, "If we knew then what we know today about how hot Tina was going to be, would we do it differently? Maybe," he said.

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