'30 Rock': James Marsden Serenades Liz Lemon On Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

James Marsden Serenades Liz On '30 Rock'

"30 Rock" (Thu., 8 p.m. EST on NBC) was super-sized for Valentine's Day, giving viewers a much deeper look into the seeming mismatch that is Liz Lemon's relationship with Criss (James Marsden). He's such a slacker he couldn't even finish the Valentine's Day song he wrote for her -- instead he simply sang that this was the chorus during that part of the song. But Liz Lemon doesn't do Valentine's Day because they never go well.

A montage of past disasters, including scenes with former boyfriends played by Jon Hamm and Matt Damon, highlighted how this particular holiday never ends well for her. A trip to IKEA set off the fighting that apparently that store can bring out in even the strongest relationship. Shockingly, it was Lutz -- on his own futile quest to not spend the holiday alone -- who helps her realize that she's sabotaging her own relationships.

But when she got back to her apartment, Criss not only was there, but he'd built her a table and set up a romantic dinner as promised. He followed through on something! He also made himself perhaps one of her best boyfriends yet, which is certainly an interesting character dynamic. How will this one fall apart?

Perhaps new page Kristen Schaal will have something to do with it. While Kenneth is delusional, Schaal's character is downright crazy, and a bit stalker-ish after meeting Liz. The closing shot of her in Liz' office putting lipstick on the woman she blatantly said she wanted to be was downright spooky.

Find out what she does next as "30 Rock" continues Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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