'30 Rock': Jenna Stars In Celeb-Packed 'Martin Luther King Day' Movie (VIDEO)

Taking a hint from the recent films "New Year's Day" and "Valentine's Day," where the philosophy is to pack as many stars into the film as possible regardless of logic or plot, Jenna Maroney starred in the latest holiday-themed romantic comedy on the second of two episodes of "30 Rock" (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on NBC). She premiered the trailer for "Martin Luther King Day," a blockbuster featuring Nick Cannon, Emma Stone, Andy Samberg, Liam Neeson, Kristen Bell, John Krasinski and the king of romantic comedies Hugh Grant, among tons of other celebrities.

The trailer captured the predictability of those movies perfectly, as well as the derivative plots and dialogue. During one scene, Cannon told Jenna, "Sounds like ... you have a dream!"

All of this set up an episode wherein Liz realized that Jenna was far too self-absorbed to be a good friend, so she set out to find a new best friend. Unfortunately, she found a woman who was just like herself, in that they both complain relentlessly. It's so much better when the friend isn't listening at all, so Liz can just vent.

While this was happening, Jack shut down the page program, replacing them with NK (Not Kenneth) units that supposedly knew more than even Kenneth does. But NK didn't catch a foolish mistake Jack made -- sending the one-year anniversary gifts for the new owner to the 6th floor instead of the 60th. The 6th floor ... where "TGS" is filmed!

"30 Rock" airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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