'30 Rock': Jim Carrey Stars In The Holiday Classic Movie 'Leap Dave Williams' (VIDEO)

It was a Leap Day celebration on "30 Rock" (Thu., 8 p.m. EST on NBC) honoring the famous Leap Day William, who trades tears for candy. If none of this sounds familiar, it's because everyone's favorite madcap Thursday night comedy just made up an entire holiday tradition. But viewers weren't the only ones in the dark. No one could believe that Liz Lemon had never heard of this holiday before.

There was even a movie starring Jim Carrey turning into the fabled Leap Day Williams. "Leap Dave Williams" had a lot in common with "The Santa Clause" in that Carrey's character accidentally began to transform into the Leap Day phenomenon. "Rock" used clips from this film, which also starred Andie McDowell as Carrey's wife who had no idea what was happening to him, to help progress the plotlines of the main character, while also offering a spot-on parody of this tried-and-true type of family holiday film.

In the spirit of the Leap Day holiday, Liz considered taking a leap with an old college mate. He'd apparently harbored a crush on her since those days, and now offered her $20 million to take his virginity. But it was a battle Liz could not win, as the young hot women somehow could smell his horniness and got there before she could go through with it.

Meanwhile, Jack was experiencing a movie of a different sort, as he got his own "Christmas Carol" treatment for Leap Day, with Kenneth showing him that all work and no play makes Jack a pretty crappy father. Jack got the message loud and clear and raced home to spend time with his daughter. Tracy used a Benihana gift card to feed the poor, making his leap the most generous ... even if he nearly overshot the idea with his stream of consciousness thought process.

As unpredictable as ever, "30 Rock" continues on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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