'30 Rock': Liz Lemon's Flashback Compilation (VIDEO)

New "30 Rock" is almost here (Thurs., Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. EST) and to celebrate, NBC has compiled some of Liz Lemon's childhood flashbacks in one nifty video.

Yep, the frizzy-haired, androgynous fashion, the genesis of her relationship issues and being mistaken for a lesbian on numerous occasions are all there.

When "30 Rock" returns for Season 6, look for a new love in Liz's life. "X-Men" actor James Marsden will appear in multiple episodes as Liz Lemon's new beau.

"[Liz is] trying to loosen up a little bit by dating somebody who is a little more laid-back," Marsden said in a "30 Rock" promo. "That could either be good for her or ultimately bad for her."

The show was dealt a blow when North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died suddenly. On "30 Rock," the North Korean leader captured Jack Donaghy's (Alec Baldwin) wife, TV journalist Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), leaving Jack to raise their newborn daughter on his own. The show will adjust the storyline, but it's unclear exactly how.

"We sort of went back to the script because we'd already shot eight or nine episodes and we realized that luckily we hand't referred to King Jong Il by name yet -- just to North Korea in general," Robert Carlock told Us Weekly. "We can't go back ... but the fun puzzle is turning around and trying to figure out how to get her out of there and how to continue things."