New Year's Resolutions, According To '30 Rock'

New year, new you. You're totally ready to take 2014 by storm and make some big changes. OK, so you tried last year and things didn't exactly work out like you planned (blerg!), but this year will be different. You've got motivation, determination and sheer willpower on your side.

If anyone understands how difficult change can be, it's Liz Lemon. Let her and the rest of the "30 Rock" crew guide you through the difficult -- yet inevitable -- course that your New Years resolutions will take.

You're not exactly a spring chicken anymore, and people are starting to question your daily habits ... maybe it's time for a change.
You're a classy, professional adult ... just not everyone knows it. Guess that means it's game face time.
You will DEFINITELY stick to your resolutions this year. You are your own biggest cheerleader!
But just to be safe, you tell a couple of friends in order to keep yourself accountable. They're not exactly supportive.
That's okay. You've got this.
You'll go to sleep earlier ...
Get back in the dating game ...
Actually mingle at work functions ...
And finally learn that new foreign language.
You will stop taking the easy road and shoot for the stars.
The first week goes by and you're killing those resolutions. You're feeling great!
But soon, getting up for those early morning workouts starts to feel impossible.
How can you be expected to read "New York Times" bestselling books when there are "Real Housewives" in so many cities?
All those bars that you're supposed to "meet people" in seem to be filled people who are younger than you ...
So you scratch that one.
Eventually, you begin to fall into old habits.
You accept that there's really only one way to make it through work functions.
Besides, you tried all of this last year and have nothing to show for it.
It's not long before you decide to put the kibosh on the whole deal.
You realize that New Years resolutions are nothing but added stress, and you simply don't need it.
Besides, you already know how to have fun.
You're perfect just the way you are.
So throw your hands in the air. You've successfully made it through the annual New Years resolution debacle!

Now you've got a whole year before you have to think about any of this again.



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