'30 Rock' Season 6 Preview: What Is Liz Lemon's Secret?

Liz Lemon Has A Secret

This new "30 Rock" preview might have fans reciting Liz Lemon's "I want to go to there" mantra in unison. The Tina Fey-created comedy comes roaring back from hiatus on Thurs., Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. and something is up with Liz Lemon (Fey). What's gotten into Liz?

In the new 30-second preview, the gang's all back and trying to figure out what's making Liz act even stranger. "30 Rock" season 6 will bring back many familiar guest stars -- including Kelsey Grammer as himself and Will Arnett as Devon Banks -- and new faces played by James Marsden and Denise Richards.

Who is Marsden playing? Rumor has it a new love interest for Liz Lemon, but details are being kept under wraps. "I can't tell you anything," Marsden told The Huffington Post in November. "I am doing a six-episode stint on the show, kind of like what Matt Damon did last year."

NBC's "30 Rock" season 6 promo.

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