'30 Rock': Suze Orman Convinces Kenneth He Needs To Quit The Page Program (VIDEO)

After realizing that none of his friends -- or at least the people he'd thought of as his friends -- had even noticed his absence during the page strike last week on "30 Rock" (Thu., 8 p.m. EST on NBC), Kenneth staged a new form of protest. He switched page positions with the page who works on "The Suze Orman Show."

Suze Orman, appearing as herself, wasn't too impressed with Kenneth when he laid out his diabolical plan to get his coworkers to miss him. So she gave him some of that tough love she's known for, as well as some sound financial advice. While she couldn't get out of him how old he is -- "Don't worry about it," he responded to that question -- she did learn that he pays 110% of his earnings to his church in tithes, and that he doesn't even know how much he makes.

Orman's advice was that Kenneth needs to quit the page program and get a real job if he wants to hang out with rich people like Jenna and Tracy. So Kenneth decided to do just that. And while Liz didn't appear to have much faith in his abilities or skills in any other area of the company, Jack saw immediately that he was a white male with a full head of hair. What more does one need to make it?

Find out Kenneth's next chapter as "30 Rock" continues Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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