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'30 Rock': Tina Fey Says Margaret Cho As Kim Jong Il Was One Of Her Favorite Moments

Tina Fey, the star and creator of "30 Rock," has created television history over the six seasons the NBC comedy has been on the air. But there are a few standout moments in Fey's mind, she told the Los Angeles Times, one of which was casting Margaret Cho as the now-deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

"To have witnessed that and helped to cause that to happen gives me great joy," Fey told the Times about Cho's role on the show.

Cho appeared in multiple episodes as the "Dear Leader" during Seasons 5 and 6 of "30 Rock." The fictional Kim Jong Il captured Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), the wife of Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin).

"I love that I get to play this character," Cho said in an video. "To me it's a very natural, easy thing to do and it's shocking to me how much I really look like him."

Cho also played Kim Jong Il's son, Kim Jong Un on "30 Rock." The writers of "30 Rock" had to go back and adjust the story plans after Kim Jong Il's death.

"We sort of went back to the script because we'd already shot eight or nine episodes and we realized that luckily we hand't referred to King Jong Il by name yet -- just to North Korea in general," Robert Carlock said in January. "We can't go back ... but the fun puzzle is turning around and trying to figure out how to get her out of there and how to continue things."

Watch Cho's interview below. For more of Fey's favorite "30 Rock" moments, click over to the LA Times.

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