30 Things I Learned the Year I Turned 30

1. Being vulnerable leads to feeling heard, accepted and relatable.

2. The difference and benefits of responding vs. reacting. Reacting doesn't help anyone.

3. By releasing toxic friendships, I could make room for more inspiring, motivating and supportive friends.

4. Facebook likes, Instagram and Twitter followers don't define me.

5. When to speak up and fight for something -- and when to let it go.

6. I can be impulsive when it comes to discovering new things and wanting to be a part of them from the beginning.

7. The importance of slowing down.

8. The word 'should' gets us nowhere.

9. To love spicy foods. What took me so long?

10. Saying no to activities and events that I don't want to attend makes room for more time on my own or doing things I'd rather be doing.

11. Meditation is the answer to so much.

12. My body can't tolerate soy.

13. It's possible to run a business without being attached to technology 24/7.

14. My resume doesn't define me - my experiences do.

15. Concocting recipes in my kitchen is something my grandmother (Bubba) did and I proudly take after her.

16. Asking for help is not a weakness.

17. Rest and rejuvenation is imperative in order to be productive.

18. It's okay to live a life that not everybody understands.

19. Receiving validation from other people only goes so far - sticking to your gut makes a bigger impact.

20. The importance of turning off my coaching brain when I'm not working with clients - not everyone wants to be coached.

21. How much I gain from listening to podcasts while cooking, cleaning and wandering the streets of the city.

22. Comparing myself to others gets me nowhere.

23. Importance of getting out of the city every so often to be reminded of how much I love it.

24. When I'm not feeling 100%, I shouldn't force myself to do anything but take care of myself.

25. The benefits of having a gratitude practice.

26. Working from home can be isolating and it's important to find different places to work from and build community.

27. Attempting a new yoga pose is terrifying and exhilarating.

28. Work smarter not harder.

29. Creating a routine is important - especially for entrepreneurs.

30. By releasing expectations - the outcome can be much more exciting and fulfilling.