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30 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

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I put together a video bucket list for you and everyone else you can think of - hopefully it will inspire you to live your life to the fullest, give yourself a break when you need it, travel often, and follow your dreams.

I filmed all of this footage throughout my travels in France, Italy, Morocco, Croatia, New York, Mexico and Sweden.

If you don't feel like watching the video (shame on you), but below are the 30 things that I think you should absolutely do before you turn 30. Enjoy!

1. Travel alone.
2. Fall in love abroad.
3. Learn a new language.
4. Do something that scares you.
5. Try street food.
6. Visit wine country.
7. Discover a tradition you never knew existed.
8. Ride a vespa through Europe.
9. Sail.
10. Make new friends.
11. Learn how to cook.
12. Watch the sunset on a plane.
13. Get lost for the day.
14. Then find your way back home.
15. Learn how to take a really good photo.
16. Go ziplining.
17. Move to a new place.
18. Support local communities.
19. Live in the city for a year.
20. Eat whatever you want.
21. Learn how to play an instrument.
22. Go to a music festival.
23. Drink proper coffee.
24. Dance until the morning.
25. Learn how to make a really good cocktail.
26. Get on a jet ski.
27. Visit New York City.
28. Eat breakfast in a new hotel.
29. Take a trip with your childhood friends.
30. Follow your dreams.

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