30 Things We Do in Our 30s That We Didn't Do in Our 20s

1. Spend five dollars more on a cocktail to avoid a hangover.
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Couple at Bar
Couple at Bar

Ah, the wisdom of a decade...

1. Spend five dollars more on a cocktail to avoid a hangover.

2. Remember to bring the reusable totes.

3. Stop cheaping out on a colorist.

4. Reconsider what's fun about New Year's Eve. (Nothing.)

5. Pick up the tab to avoid splitting a queso four ways.

6. Read the hard news before the Styles section.

7. Brag about getting carded.

8. Although we haven't been students for years, find ourselves again using the term "school night."

9. Pay more for an appliance that will last longer.

10. Move "good-looking" further down the list of things we're looking for in a mate.

11. Deliberately eat meals out by ourselves, and enjoy it.

12. Skip out on having bridesmaids.

13. Consider ending a friendship with someone who suggests a group picture in bathing suits.

14. Ask about the return policy.

15. Talk about the weather. Have strong, positive emotions tied to certain types. Like rain.

16. Upon returning from a fantastic, amazing vacation, say, "It's good to be home."

17. Wear bras and panties that match.

18. Spend more for the flight without a layover.

19. Remember to take the leftovers from the restaurant -- then remember to eat them.

20. Stop leaving phone chargers everywhere.

21. Think plans are a great idea until it's time to actually leave the house.

22. Understand that one-pieces can be sexy.

23. Read the book before seeing the movie. Or, avoid seeing the movie at all if we loved the book.

24. Give thought to the time of day we enter a grocery store.

25. Follow the feeds of more home interior experts than fashion bloggers.

26. Pay for Gmail storage.

27. Make coffee at home.

28. Use the public library's hold system.

29. Relish a three-day weekend with no plans rather than frantically searching for a way to mark every federal holiday by the water.

30. Realize "hangover food" actually makes the hangover worse.

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