300 Gallons Of Urine Found In Man's Connecticut House

If pee stories are your persuasion, urine luck!

Authorities in Newtown, Conn. said they found a home filled with as many as 300 one-gallon jugs of urine on Friday, according to the Danbury News Times.

The state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection stumbled upon the discovery after local health officials asked the agency to investigate.

DEEP condemned the house and the owner could face charges, though that's unlikely, according to WTNH.

Dennis Schain of DEEP, said he was confident the urine belonged to the owner, whose name has not been released.

"From our conversation, it seemed that he was responsible for putting the containers there," Schain said. "It's most unusual. Our crews have been out over the years, and they are having a hard time recalling something like this."

Guyism suspects the worst motivations for the man's penchant for pee storage:

Hoarding gallons upon gallons in your house for an unknown cause seems like a fairly supervillainous thing to do. Maybe not a good supervillain, but a supervillain all the same.

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