'300 Sandwiches' Halloween Costume Is Only Slightly More Absurd Than The Blog

It has been mere weeks since we met Stephanie Smith, the Page Six reporter trading 300 sandwiches for an engagement ring. However, UCB performer Livia Scott has found already found a way to immortalize the now-infamous couple and their confusingly misogynistic arrangement.

Scott created a completely wonderful, fake commercial for a "300 Sandwiches" Halloween costume. The faux outfit includes a "rando flower dress, laptop to brag about your project and [a] disgusting wig!"

Although the real "300 Sandwiches" lady attempted to portray her blog as a joke on the Today show in September, we prefer Scott's brand of humor.

People (especially couples) are always looking for the thing that will be funny to be on Halloween, and a couple going as an obnoxious couple is an obvious choice. Then, with how weird our world is getting, and how obvious it is (to me anyway) that the 300 Sandwiches couple saw an opportunity to get attention, maybe a book deal, maybe a movie deal like Julie & Julia, I thought it'd be super funny to explore a couple dressing up as the 300 Sandwiches couple to get their own shot at fame.

Would you dress up as Smith and her boyfriend for Halloween? Here are some costume ideas that don't require a "disgusting wig."

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