31 Disney Character Names Parents Are Giving Their Babies

From Moana to Elsa to Merida.
101dalmatians via Getty Images

Disney movies are so popular that they are inspiring thousands of new parents.

After “Frozen” premiered in 2013, the number of newborns named Elsa in the U.S. doubled ― from 566 in 2012 to 1,138 the following year. The number of baby Moanas increased from 18 in 2015 to 56 in 2016, the year Disney released the film of the same name.

We scoured the Social Security Administration’s data see which other Disney character names have appeared on birth certificates in the U.S. Although there may be other inspirations behind some of these choices, the Disney connection is still there.

Without further ado, here are 31 Disney-related baby names and the number of babies given each name in 2016.

Merida (101 girls)

Simba (11 boys)

Lilo (28 girls)

Tiana (474 girls)

Nala (361 girls)

Aurora (3,963 girls)

Mowgli (5 boys)

Ursula (29 girls)

Belle (291 girls)

Elsa (476 girls)

Ariel (595 boys, 2,177 girls)

Bambi (5 girls)

Gus (202 boys)

Sarabi (17 girls)

Sebastian (10,249 boys)

Giselle (1,457 girls)

Jasmine (2,625 girls)

Aladdin (9 boys)

Nemo (6 boys)

Dory (6 girls)

Wendy (328 girls)

Abu (5 boys)

Esmeralda (864 girls)

Koda (227 boys, 21 girls)

Minnie (65 girls)

Hiro (77 boys)

Vanellope (49 girls)

Kristoff (27 boys)

Moana (56 girls)

Triton (84 boys)

Adella (69 girls)

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