31 Smokin' Dudes With Dogs Because Science Says It's Hot

Droolin' for the dudes, but mostly for the dogs.

PSA to dudes everywhere: You're hotter with a dog. 

A recent study confirmed that pet owners are indeed perceived by potential partners as hotter than non-pet owners. (Surprise!) Conducted by PetSmart, the study surveyed 1,210 Match.com users to figure out how pets play a role in single adults' dating lives.

Researchers found that 35 percent of women and 26 percent of men surveyed responded that they had "been more attracted to someone because they had a pet." Out of the 733 female participants, 500 responded that a dog is the hottest pet a guy could own.  

To celebrate this glorious scientific breakthrough, we've rounded up photos of steamy men with adorable puppies. Some of the guys are famous, some aren't -- but they're all drool-worthy. (Even though the best part is still the puppies.)

Scroll below to see 31 photos of hot dudes with dogs to make your day 31 times better. 

So basically:

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