Ga. Bank Accidentally Deposits $31,000 In Teen's Account

A teenager in Hull, Ga., has reportedly become a big spender after mistakenly receiving a $31,000 bank deposit.

Problem is, First Citizens Bank wants the money back.

The brouhaha started March 7 when a man with the same name as the 18-year-old attempted to deposit $31,000 at a branch in Madison County, Ga.,

Because of a teller error, the money was put into the account of the teenager instead of the depositor, the Athens-Banner Herald reports.

About 10 days later, the man noticed the money wasn't in his account. He contacted the bank, which finally figured out who was credited with the cash.

The teenager apparently recognized the error much sooner: Records show he had withdrawn $20,000 in cash and spent another $5,000 using his debit card before the bank figured out what happened, according to

The teenage spendthrift visited the bank on March 18 attempting to withdraw more money from the account, but a teller informed him of the bank’s mistake.

The 18-year-old insisted to the teller the money was from an inheritance, reports.

The account was frozen to prevent further withdrawals.

On behalf of bank officials, sheriff's deputies have contacted the teen.

The teen told authorities he'd resolve the issue at the branch to avoid jail time. As of Wednesday,he has yet to return to the bank, according to the Associated Press.

Bank officials said last week they'd press charges if the money wasn't returned, but as of Thursday, no charges have been filed, according to the the Athens-Banner Herald.



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