32 First Photos Of Babies Smiling That Will Make Your Heart Burst

It's all just shits and giggles at this age.

The math is simple: Babies + smiles = happiness. Both babies and smiles are wonderful, and they're infinitely better when paired together.

So we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share the first photos they took of their babies smiling (whether it was intentional or not). The results below will keep you grinning all day.

Loreen Petzing Hamilton
Atticus was a difficult and reflux-y baby. This was 24 hours after we got him on meds for his reflux -- he was a different baby after that.
Not even 12 hours old and captured this sweet moment of a little grin. 😍 makes my heart melt all over again
Not even 12 hours old and captured this sweet moment of a little grin. Makes my heart melt all over again.
Dani Boo
He is my angel of happiness, smiling since the day he was born. This photograph was taken during our first trip to the beach. My beloved grandma is holding him while both enjoyed the sunset.
Kelly Evans
Precious moment of finally seeing this beautiful, magical smile after 8 weeks of colic discomfort! This was, literally, his first smile; I was lucky enough to have my phone near by! He was 2 months old here.
Kelly Kitchens-Collins
My PAC Man at 3 weeks old, right after mommy's milk.
Kelley Wheat-Rivers
We were still in the hospital. She had an IV in her head and was receiving antibiotics through it. And yet ... I photographed her first smile.
Morgan Rae Ivanova
Matthew smiling at just 33 weeks gestation age (he was born at 32 weeks and 2 days). He was 6 days old in this picture.
Jennie Chan
Brittany Tretta
I think Charlie was only 2 or 3 weeks at this time. I captioned it on my social media "it's all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits." He wasn't really laughing, but he looked like it in the photo!
Chantal Parsons
Just a couple weeks old -- his little smile melts my heart.
Cheryl Charlie
1 month old.
Kristina DeMaria
My daughter Alayna at her 1 month checkup!
Rosa Cruz
Rachelle Byars
Not the best quality, but I wasn't expecting this at all and really wanted to capture the moment. He started giving me so many grins out of nowhere and it made me hate the overnight feeding a little less. Melted momma's heart, and even though I know he was a little person already, he seemed to become more of one and less of just a wrinkly little alien potato in this moment.
Heather Barbalinardo
He was about an hour old...
Kelly Smith
His first smile. And it was a laugh at his dad. This was 6 years ago. Kid hasn't stopped laughing since.
Jenni Postel Barden
Felt like it took forever to get my Miss Serious to smile and even longer to capture it! I LOVE this picture!!!
Jamie Wells Melton
Just a week old and already had his mommy totally charmed.
Lacie Smith Groeninger
We were at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for his open heart surgery at 4 days old. We had just received the news that they were finally sending us home and my husband caught him smiling, right under 2 weeks old.
Yipsi Cambara Marquez
My beautiful baby boy at 1 month old.
Josie Broders
He loved his "bug."
Kinga Romanska
Finally home from the NICU.
Jilien Beaton-Downton
Baby Kate and her sister Charlotte.
Maureen Kelly Burgess
The best smiles always seem to come when they should be sleeping.
Christina Giuliano Lorelli
My son on the day he was born! Still that happy too...
Kerry Hicks
Best smile ever while hugging her bunny.
Heather White Loeb
Genna Stone
Kalila Framstad Johnson
A week old in the NICU. Getting some mama time. So peaceful.
Katie Franco
First smile I captured on camera. Hits me right in my soul!
Nancy A. Ruffin
My baby girl is almost 7 months old now, but in this photo she was 3 months old.
Mandi Mae Killip
This was after two long nights of him struggling to breathe. We both came down with a nasty cold, only he couldn't remotely breathe with it. Had to sleep on my chest or nothing. Finally on day two he broke his temperature and was able to sleep flat. He gave me a giant smile.
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