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33 Photos That Show The Nightmare That Is Bedtime

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a child at bedtime can be quite a difficult creature to subdue, to say the least. Whether they try to hide, cry, or swear they are not tired before passing out on the floor, you never quite know what you'll get. We asked the HuffPost Parents community to document some of the bedtime struggles they face -- because you're not alone.

Tina Morgan
Amie Morris-Reyolds
I think this sums it up perfectly. Giant blur bouncing on the couch after stripping everything off.
Courtney Parker Fischer
We do this every night...
Melody Collard Harrington
I can't ever go to bed without checking in just one last time, because things like this happen more times than you'd think.
Erica Meyer
Procrastination! I cannot get him out of his "tub." He loves to play in water and he melts down when I take him out.
Kelli Grover Sewell
"It's time to start settling down."
Vanessa Olivares
Just in case you can't tell, that's two kids and a bulldog in that bedtime routine mess.
Yipsi Cambara Marquez
3:00 a.m. and I don't think he's sleepy at all!
Brittany Casseday
When your 2-year-old discovers she can talk (or scream) into the monitor. "Mom, are you hungwee? Mom, is daddy at work? Whatcha doin, mom?"
Jessy Clark Kyle
An hour after bedtime.
Kimber Kirshner Azevedo
Amy Kristine Muston
She's not going to sleep, she's just resting her eyes.
Cara Bronson
No caption needed.
Maggie Fallon
Sunday night at 9 p.m.
Stef Holman
"This is my new bed. Just leave me in here to sleep, I need privacy."
Damon Dahlen
We just got a new bedroom set for our daughter and this is where she chooses to sleep!
Chris McGonigal
Cole always has a grip on the iPad.
Sarah Mathis
Reading books before bed to two kids, four dogs, and a cat ... and a partridge in a pear tree.
Bobbi Deanne Rivera
Falls asleep standing up half an hour before bedtime ... time for bed now? I'm not tired!
Jamie McAlister
My 3-year-old did this one night when we were all sleeping (and we thought he was sleeping as well) ... all of the insides of the cookies completely licked gone.
Maribel Camacho
This is me, asleep on the floor, holding her hand as she falls asleep ... Every. Single. Night. I have blankets and a pillow she lends me for my "bed." My back is killing me! But she stays in her bed and room. Win, right?!
Kristin Hoepner Nafziger
I don't like to sleep alone so I stand up and cry until I just sit down and sleep from exhaustion!
Cynthia Keveney
Mommy, don't leave the bed.
Tina Kappes
When you think they are all tucked in just to find them a little later like this.
Kristin Sousa
I slept on the floor, daddy was hanging on for dear life on the edge of the bed but she's sleeping!
Sherri Lee Harnisch
A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do to ENSURE she's getting a good QUALITY night's slumber.
Sage Bernardini
I chose to sit in her bed instead of the chair in the corner of her room tonight. So many "friends" but she needed one more (me) to fall asleep.
Kate Heller Thomas
My son now, at age three. Note there are two sippy cups of water for him … one was not enough. He never sleeps vertically in our bed, so one of us is always getting feet in the face.
Jana Sturdivant Britt
Grandpa, you had one job!!!! LOL
Alison Foxford
She would only sleep if the cat, Milo, would stay, so she made sure it would happen ... in my bed.
Belinda Havron
That's three kids in one single bed.
Laura Gutleben
He peeks out from under his door and howls for half an hour. We used to leave the door open but he kicked it.
Christine Anderson Skluzacek
The biggest nightmare is when you want to go to bed and you find this...

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