33 Totally Original DIY Ornaments That Win at Christmas Tree Decorating

Before breaking out the box of last year's dusty ornaments, take a look at these incredible DIY ornament tutorials, to upgrade your Christmas tree decor! Cover old ornaments, craft with new dollar store ones, or repurpose your way to ornament perfection!
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Before breaking out the box of last year's dusty ornaments, take a look at these incredible DIY ornament tutorials, to upgrade your Christmas tree decor! Cover old ornaments, craft with new dollar store ones, or repurpose your way to ornament perfection! Quick, inexpensive, and magical (check out #3), these original ornaments are sure to knock your wooly socks off!

1. Mini Yarn Wreaths

Project via Hometalker Jo-Anna @A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

A mini set of warm holiday wreaths in all different hues is the perfect way to brighten up your Christmas tree with color and cheer!

2. Pompoms and Pins

Project via Hometalker Charlotte @Ciburbanity

Speaking of color, these soft and sparkly Christmas pompom beauties are a must (and such a quick DIY)!

3. Popcorn Magic

Project via Hometalker Linda @Crafts a la Mode

You'll never believe how this magical popcorn ornament was made unless you see for yourself!

4. Loved One's Clothing

Project via Hometalker Katie @View from the Fridge

Add a sweet reminder of your loved ones to your Christmas tree, to keep them close to your heart on the holiday.

5. Melted Puddle Snowman

Project via Hometalker Lindsay @My Creative Days

For a quick, cute, and comical ornament, add these ingredients to make a melted snowman that just couldn't handle the warmth of your holiday home.

6. Sprinkles, Yarn, and Cupcake Liner

Project via Hometalker Dusty @All Things G&D

Just make sure your guests don't confuse this creative cupcake ornament design with the real thing!

7. Fluffy Friendly Sheep

Project via Hometalker Nikki @Tikkido

If you can keep your children from snatching this little guy off the tree to give him a snuggle, then kudos to you.

8. Napkin Holders and Bird Next

Project via Hometalker Michelle @Dandelion Patina

Turn a napkin ring into a snuggly nest, to add a sweet peek of holiday harmony to your tree!

9. Sparkly Snowman

Project via Hometalker Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Whether he's Jack Frost or Olaf, everyone loves a good snow-buddy, and this sparkly snowman ornament is no exception!

10. Mini Gift Bows

Project via Hometalker Dusty @All Things G&D

Gift yourself this colorful mini bow ornament for the holidays!

11. Wedding Veil

Project via Hometalker Nikki @Tikkido

Turning your wedding veil (or a scrap from your dress) into holiday decor that your family will use year after year, carries all the love, warmth, and happiness that the holidays are all about!

12. Felt Story Books

Project via Hometalker Steph @The Silly Pearl

Decorate with what you love, like your favorite childhood Christmas stories!

13. Sand and Sea Shells

Project via Hometalker Wendi @H2O Bungalow

Make your own beach scape in a ball, to remind yourself of that relaxing sandy shore, while you're buzzing around preparing for the holidays.

14. Mini North Pole

Project via Jessi @Practically Functional

To make Santa feel right at home when he's dropping off the presents!

15. Gold Glitter Heart

Project via Hometalker Kate @Eating in the Shower

Sweet, sentimental, and so shiny -- catch your loved one's eye with this gem!

16. Neon Marble With Paint

Project via Hometalker Alexa @I Love to Create

Neon ornaments are just the trick to add some bright color to your Christmas tree and wake up your holiday decor!

17. French Macaroons From Bottle Caps

Project via Hometalker Jillilan @I Am a Homemaker

Start collecting your caps now and you can have a whole set of colorful and enticing french macaroons for your Christmas tree!

18. Jingle Bell Wreath

Project via Hometalker Jo-Anna @A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Kid-friendly and assembled in minutes, you've got to make a jingle bell wreath for your tree. Or two. Or more.

19. Words on Wood Slices

Project via Hometalker Nicole @Meet the B's

Try this simple and wholesome holiday design, to really celebrate the meaning of the day.

20. Chalkboard Snowflakes

Project via Hometalker Maryann @Domestically Speaking

Easily create some cute chalkboard ornaments in whimsical winter shapes, and write fun notes or holiday messages that you can change throughout the holiday, year after year!

21. No-Knit Mittens

Project via Hometalker Christy @Confessions of a Serial DIYer

This mini and deliciously warm pair of mittens is a no-knit way to add some sweater-like charm to your Christmas tree.

22. Upcycled Cork Ball

Project via Hometalker Vidya @What's Ur Home Story

Gather all your saved up wine bottle corks - this is that rainy (well...snowy) day you've been saving them for!

23. Wood Slice Photo Gallery

Project via Hometalker Katie @View from the Fridge

Create these birch slice photo ornaments to display happy family moments and carved family messages.

24. Sweater Stamped Clay

Project via Hometalker Jessica @Dear Emmeline

This DIY holiday decor looks cozy enough to cuddle in!

25. Zipper Christmas Tree

Project via Hometalker DeDe @Designed Decor

So simple and so festive, this little zipper tree ornament is a great way to add some color and some creativity to your Christmas tree!

26. Merry Scrabble Words

Project via Hometalker Jessica @Mom 4 Real

Use an incomplete set of scrabble tiles -- or buy some new ones -- for this clever ornament. It's totally worth it!

27. Adorable Reindeer

Project via Hometalker Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Follow this super clear tutorial, to add this adorable square reindeer to your Christmas tree cast!

28. Rolled Paper Tree

Project via Hometalker Amy @Her Tool Belt

Roll it up, stick it on, and hang it on your tree. So colorful, so festive, and, with this tutorial, so easy!

29. Hazelnut Wreath

Project via Hometalker Alex @North Story

So quick and easy to make, use the natural warm sheen of hazelnuts to do your decorating for you!

30. Toilet Paper Roll Star

Project via Hometalker Toni @Design Dazzle

You read that right -- this shining holiday star is made from upcycled toilet paper rolls! What's not to like?

31. Mini Popsicle Stick Pallets

Project via Hometalker Leslie @Puddy's House

Dress up your holiday tree with mini pallets and repurposed old Christmas cards!

32. Extra Plumbing Parts

Project via Hometalker Brittany @Pretty Handy Girl

Here's one you never expected, and neither will your holiday guests -- Christmas tree ornaments made from inexpensive plumbing pieces (buy new - this is not an upcycle)!

33. Engraved and Illuminated

Project via Hometalker Kim @The Kim Six Fix

And we couldn't let you go without daring you to try this one -- watch your artwork light up with holiday warmth!

We've got all the direction and how-to you need, to turn your house into the perfect holiday home! Check out #OrignalOrnaments on Hometalk, for tons more incredible tutorials on DIYing amazing Christmas tree ornaments.

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