35 Ashamed Animals (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 35 Ashamed Animals

Humans like to think they're the only species that feels shame. Not so. If the photos below are any evidence, crippling feelings of self doubt and loathing run rampant in the animal kingdom as well, from dogs and cats to geese and tigers.

Some of these guys clearly have a reason for experiencing feelings of inadequacy; a few of them were caught at the literal scene of the crime. But others seem to betray a deeper, more pervasive sense of ennui, one that may call for sessions with a "whisperer" of some kind. Let's hope they seek out the help they need.

Take a look at these 35 super ashamed animals below and vote for your favorite sad face. Then, call your therapist: your mental health is no laughing matter.

Ashamed Puppy

Ashamed Animals

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