35 DIY Container Ideas to Completely Declutter Your Home

Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish your toiletry mess, and cure your hallway closet madness this instant, with these brilliant storage ideas from clever Hometalk bloggers.
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Ever feel like you're in a heavy downpour of clutter? When the 'stuff' build-up reaches a dangerously high level, rein in your panic and bring out your creative side, with these life-saving DIY containers. Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish your toiletry mess, and cure your hallway closet madness this instant, with these brilliant storage ideas from clever Hometalk bloggers.

1. Stow medications and toiletries in this suitcase cabinet
Project via The Heathered Nest

Use an old suitcase (or check your local thrift shop for a vintage briefcase) to make this charming medicine cabinet. See the full post here.

2. Contain coat and jacket clutter with wall bins
Project via The Rustic Willow

Grab some supplies and arrange these simple wall bins right beside your door, to prepare your front hall before the snow hits. See the full post here.

3. Make a desktop mail holder from an old fan
Project via Redo It Yourself

How cool is that? Turn an old fan into a spacious spot for incoming mail. See the full post here.

4. Store spices in a drawer using uniform containers
Project via Bright Green Door

Enough shuffling through the taller containers to get to the back, knocking spices of the rack as you go - it's time to spice up your storage. See the full post here.

5. Keep gloves and scarves organized by the door with this DIY cubby
Project via My Love 2 Create

Quick, before winter, set up a personalized wall cubby, so that everyone knows where their gloves and hats go. See the full post here.

6. Collect coins before washing your clothes with this cute board
Project via Tried & True

Say goodbye to emptying your pockets and losing your change before a wash. See the full post here.

7. Instead of tossing old jars, reuse them for pretty pantry storage
Project via My Sweet Things

After you've finished that spaghetti sauce, turn your jar into pretty storage for the perfect pantry. See the full post here.

8. And stow bigger pantry items in leftover Christmas tins
Project via Knick of Time

Fill in that floor space under your shelves with giant tins of supplies and snacks. See the full post here.

9. Label plastic bins and drawers for under sink storage
Project via Time with Thea

Use that empty under sink space in an efficient way, with clear plastic drawers and buckets. See the full post here.

10. Add knobs to glass jars to create cute craft or makeup containers
Project via Tastefully Frugal

Haven't you always wished for cute desktop storage? You can make your own for less than $1! See the full post here.

11. Organize your paper goods with cut up snack boxes
Project via Vintage, Paint and More...

Cut up boxes and nest them together, to create an all inclusive paper goods storage bin. See the full post here.

12. Make a tucked away toiletry shelf using one wooden board
Project via Pretty Handy Girl

Mount it above your mirror, door, or toilet, to keep extra supplies hidden, but nearby. See the full post here.

13. Use wire shelves and bins to squeeze more space into your closet
Project via Creatively Homespun

Add more storage options to your closet, by building some additional structure with wire shelves. See the full post here.

14. Turn a wooden plank into a throw blanket or towel holder
Project via Table + Hearth

Hang this cute towel hanger by the pool, or put it right outside your bathroom, for fresh towels at the ready. See the full post here.

15. Organize an upright freezer using plastic bins and washi tape
Project via Time with Thea

One of the places that tends to get the most packed in and cluttered is your freezer - not anymore! See the full post here.

16. Get rid of fluffy lint with a special wall mounted bin
Project via Polished Habitat

Don't let those lint bunnies run wild in your laundry room. See the full post here.

17. Use old coffee creamer containers to store grains, cereals, and even chocolate chips
Project via FrugElegance

Once your cream is gone, rinse the container out, and turn it into easy-pour storage for grains and cereal. See the full post here.

18. Make a desk organizer using cut up cereal boxes
Project via Vintage, Paint and More...

Connect 3 cut up cereal boxes, for a desktop paper organizer to keep affairs in order. See the full post here.

19. Bring order to your office desk drawers with tissue boxes
Project via Time with Thea

Save up some tissue boxes, for this brilliant (and easy) office drawer organizing hack! See the full post here.

20. Turn large mason jars into laundry soap dispensers
Project via Simply Designing

Make your laundry room fashionable and functional, by pouring all of your detergents, softeners, and soaps into large mason jars. See the full post here.

21. Keep kid's books in order with a DIY wall hanger
Project via Table + Hearth

If you're a parent, than you know how easy it is for children to make a mess with their books. Give them an easy alternative, with this! See the full post here.

22. Get bath toys out from under your feet with hanging baskets
Project via Blue I Style

Add a rod and hanging baskets to your shower wall, so you never have to share your bath with rubber duckies again. See the full post here.

23. Create a desktop caddy using TP tubes
Project via Lilyshop

Turn cut up paper towel rolls or toilet paper tubes into glamorous supply storage for your desk. See the full post here.

24. Hang your jewelry on an elegant stand made from old plates and a candlestick
Project via What's Ur Home Story

This quick jewelry DIY won't just help you organize your room, it will look great while doing it! See the full post here.

25. Save yourself from stepping on Lego pieces by stowing them in this Lego head
Project via Meatloaf and Melodrama

Turn a large empty container into a happy Lego head, so your kids know exactly where to put their pieces when playtime ends. See the full post here.

26. Get the magazines off your coffee table with a copper and wood rack
Project via Table & Hearth

Make your own stylish magazine holder, to sit next to your couch and corral literary clutter. See the full post here.

27. Clean up your porch with an all purpose supply box
Project via The Handyman's Daughter

Stow umbrellas, bike helmets, galoshes and more in this bright outdoor box. See the full post here.

28. Add pegboard to your kitchen drawer to keep dishes in place
Project via Queen Bee of Honey Dos

Set pegboard at the bottom of your drawer and make your own pegs, to hold everything in palce. See the full post here.

29. Keep your stray accessories in a upcycled jean wall hanger
Project via Pillar Box Blue

Turn your old jeans into adorable wall decor that also holds all of your knick knacks. See the full post here.

30. Prevent string and ribbon from knotting by storing them in jars
Project via 'A Casarella

Ok, this just took all the annoyance out of crafting with string and ribbon. See the full post here.

31. Organize your shoes using folded cardboard boxes
Project via A Piece of Rainbow

Turn cardboard boxes into space-saving shoe storage, and bring order to your closet. See the full post here.

32. Use an old book as a nightstand jewelry organizer
Project via From a Dream to DIY

Use the pages of an old book to keep your jewelry organized and on display. Bonus: it looks super romantic. See the full post here.

33. Spray paint plastic buckets to make your pantry storage look good
Project via The Organized Life

These are convenient storage either way, but add some textured spray paint, and they're stylish too! See the full post here.

34. Clear some space on your vanity by hanging a makeshift shelf
Project via Old House to New Home

This colorful makeshift shelf takes up just enough space to stow some extra supplies. See the full post here.

35. Keep your knives in one place, with a homemade stick knife block
Project via Bigger Than the Three of Us

Instead of storing them in a drawer or on a magnetic strip, keep your knives tucked away, with this interesting wooden block. See the full post here.

For more clutter-busting container ideas, check out the container page on Hometalk!

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