Just 35 Excellent Products We Found On TikTok Lately, Making Our Endless Scrolling Actually Useful

Here's a whole new batch of products, presented to you straight from some very organized TikTok "saved" folders.
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Popular items from this list:

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A Bissell SteamShot Deluxe that might become your new cleaning obsession
It warms up in just 30 seconds and uses high-pressure steam to blast away dirt, grime and bacteria on all sorts of hard surfaces, and comes with 10 attachment for targeting different areas, including out-of-reach nooks and crannies. Whoever said cleaning can't be fun hasn't met this bad boy yet! You can see more on TikTok, where a creator shows it in action on a number of surfaces using some of the different tools.

Promising reviews: "Cuts through grease like no one's business. Cleans the cracks and crevices of fridges that are impossible without it! You may have to fill it up again to complete the entire fridge but I'm happy with it. Also so many attachments!" — Desiree

"I decided to clean my leather couches because I have two little ones and they were gross. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the nail polish that my oldest child spilt on the couch almost a year ago would come off. THIS TOOK IT OFF EFFORTLESSLY 🥹" — Cassidy
A protective sofa cover because if you're a pet parent, you know the struggle, but most covers are such an eyesore
This one comes in 14 beautiful colors and a bunch of sizes to fit your sofa; plus, it's comfy, non-slip, scratch-resistant and machine washable! Adding this to my wishlist ASAP because two cats and a dark blue velvet sofa are NOT a good mix.

Get a closer look at it on TikTok! Be sure to pay close attention to the measurements before buying, as they're presented in both centimeters and inches.

Promising review: "Although it seemed to take forever to ship and arrive, it is absolutely worth the wait. It is so soft, fits so perfectly on my couch, doesn’t move when I sit on it or when the dog jumps up, and looks nice too! I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and I hope it helps my couch to last a long time. I will update after awhile to be sure it holds up. PSA: Read the measurement description before you order.

"After one month, zero regrets! It has been worth every penny. The couch cover is a fraction of the cost of my couch, so I think it’s been very worth it to help keep the fabric on my couch intact. I washed on delicate and tumble dried it on low by itself. Held up great. Again, I love it! Worth the wait and the cost." — sgur
ReVent Covers / Etsy
A magnetic dishwasher cover that had me like 🤯
I don't know why it never occurred to me that you could just slap a cute magnetic cover on your dishwasher, but you totally can and it's GENIUS. These durable vinyl covers come in different designs and snap right on for an instant aesthetic upgrade. You can peep the full TikTok showing how easily these go on. They also make custom covers for air vents to make them less of an eyesore, so check those out if you have some unsightly vents in your home.

(I like the sleek look of these white covers from a small biz Etsy, but Amazon sells som in a bunch of fun designs, too, if you're looking to add a pop of color.)
A luxe Medicube facial device if you're ready to take your skincare game to the next level
This high-tech K-beauty tool (which is used by Hailey Bieber!) is said to stimulate your skin to create electro-passageways so your skincare penetrates more deeply, leaving it plumper and brighter. The reviewer whose before/after is shown above said she used the device once a day for almost two months, and is wearing no makeup in either pic.

I also highly recommend watching this TikTok, where the creator's 45-year-old mom is using this device along with her other skincare products to help them soak in for maximum effect!

Promising review: "I’ve never used any kind of device like this before but decided to give it a try. I put a lot of effort and money into my skincare regimen and this device is making sure all those expensive ingredients get absorbed deep into my skin. It’s easy to use and works with your current skincare products. It only tingles a tiny bit once you start to use level 4 and 5, but you quickly get used to it. I’ve had it for over a month now and still haven’t needed to recharge it. After a five-minute session with this device my skin is so soft and hydrated and stays that way for hours later, and the sessions I do before bed keep me super hydrated through the whole night. I wake up with soft, plum, hydrated glowing skin. It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made for my skin hands down. You won’t be disappointed." — Serina Jones
A disco ball diffuser that has four mist functions, seven lighting options and even rotates so you'll enjoy little light beams daning around the room.
See this bb in action on TikTok.

Promising review: "It's more than just a diffuser; it's pure magic in a compact package. 🪩 The disco ball adds a touch of glamour to my space that I never knew I needed. The quality is outstanding — it feels solid and well-made. Setting it up was a breeze. Watching the light dance across the room, reflecting off the disco ball, is incredibly soothing and mesmerizing. The mist it emits so refreshing! Plus, it runs whisper-quiet, so it doesn't disrupt my peace and tranquility. But the best part? It's not just a diffuser; it's an experience. My friends and family are obsessed with it, and I've even had a few impromptu dance parties because of it! It's turned my patio into a disco paradise. ✨🌈💃" — Fern's Jungle
An Owala FreeSip stainless-steel water bottle that's giving Stanley, Hydro Flask and other trendy tumblers a run for their money
It has a genius two-in-one spout with both a built-in straw for sipping AND a wide-mouth opening for chugging, plus a leak-proof design, 24-hour double-wall insulation and a loop for easy carrying. It's also designed to be easy to disassembled and cleaned, and the lid and straw are dishwasher safe! Oh, and the 24-ounce bottles are designed to be universally cup holder-friendly.

Get a closer look at it on TikTok!

Promising review: "Stanley who??? I absolutely LOVE this water bottle. Way better than other name brand tumblers with a straw that sticks up! Love that the straw is covered, and the water bottle has a carry loop making it easy to carry when your hands are full. So much easier to drink from and you have the option to drink from the straw or sip. This is truly leakproof and keeps drinks cold for hours! It's also durable. I have dropped it a few times and there wasn't even a scratch on the bottle. I will definitely be ordering more!" — BAJ
A strawberry-themed flannel blanket hoodie lined with cozy pile fleece on the inside
It has several pockets for carrying your phone, a book, and all the snacks you could ever want. Plus, how adorable is this design?? Just start calling me Strawberry Shortcake, because I'm never taking this off. Check it out on TikTok! It also comes in kids' sizes.

Promising review: "I had this in my Amazon cart for MONTHS and finally bought it. It’s very big and good for plus sizes. I usually wear a 2–3XL, and there’s still TONS of room! And it’s soooooo soft! I love it. I wear it non-stop now! Planning on taking it to the snow in a few days because it’s so warm!" — Amazon Customer
A Crayola magic paint set so little artists can run wild with their imagination without any mess
The set comes with 18 sheets of Color Wonder paper, and you can buy 50 more pages for $5.99. They also sell a kit with 100 pages and 20 mini Color Wonder markers for $24.22 if you want to expand your collection even more! See how it works on TikTok!

Promising review: "This thing is SMART! I don't know how it works but it works great. Does not mess up walls, carpet, etc. Only works on special paper. Grandkids are super excited and love them. You hold the brush over paint spot and the brush lights up whatever color it is. Easy to clean. I have a 2-year-old and 3-year-old grandsons and they can operate it just fine. So glad I bought this." — Linda
A shiatsu neck and back massager that's pure bliss, and a fraction of the cost of a professional massage
This has eight deep-kneading nodes with three speed strengths and optional heat! As shown above, you can loop your arms through to hold it in place and even do other things like typing on a computer. You can see it at work on TikTok!

Promising review: "My pic [above, left] says it alI, so helpful. I already had a back shiatsu massager for years, but could not reach the areas around my shoulder blades and my neck, and for my nanny work I get so achy. This thing was all I needed. I only expected the knobs and the heat, but you can attach it on you and do computer work as well as driving; it has an attachment to get the power in your car... LOVE LOVE this thing. I was in severe pain and tried everything. This was my missing link, lol. Feels like a human massage but you can control it." — Marinchich
The Skincare Bakery
Some luxurious body butter from The Skincare Bakery
I'm actually salivating looking at these pics. But it's not for eating (sadly); it's for your skin! This fluffy, bronzey goodness will leave your skin soft, supple, glowy and smelling absolutely DELICIOUS. Check out this viral small business on TikTok, including a vid showing how their body butter looks on different skin tones!

Promising review: "This body butter is unlike anything I have ever tried! The consistency is perfect and I love the way it goes on the skin. Don’t even get me started on how amazing it smells! I also love the glowy shimmer it gives your skin." — Jessica Clark
Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty's latest magic: a spot-targeting gel with a unique jelly texture
This formula is fragrance-free and noncomedogenic. It dries down to create the perfect smooth canvas for makeup so your foundation looks smoother, and its salicylic acid formula works to calm and clarify the skin without drying it out. See one reviewer test it out on TikTok! Commenters recommend using a cotton swab or your finger to apply this rather than using the applicator directly on skin, just to keep things more hygienic.

Promising review: "I never write reviews but had to write one for this. This actually works. It dries the pimple down quickly without drying out the skin or leaving a white cast like some other spot treatments. It works quickly too." — EssenceM8
Govee smart light bars as a sleek and convenient alternative to LED strips
These'll bring gorgeous, customizable backlighting to your monitor or TV, with countless lighting modes and scenes to help bring your whole setup to life. The vibes = unmatched. I have several different Govee products (so I can attest to their quality), but it's my first time seeing these, and I've gotta say, I'm tempted to rip out my LED strips and upgrade my setup with these babies. Peep an unboxing and setup on TikTok!

Promising review: "Govee came outta nowhere and shot straight to the top, and for good reason too. The quality and features of premium LEDs like Phillips, but at way cheaper prices. I was about to buy some LED strips for my setup but these looked way more convenient...and they are. Setup is a breeze, they're versatile, sleek, VERY bright (or dark depending on your preference), and the amount of options you have are endless. The app is great and allows you total mastery of the LEDs from a distance. Call me Ang, the Light Bender. I lay in bed and come up with creative designs for my mood. Each light bar can show four different individual colors at once, and feature numerous states such as breathing, blinking, bleeding etc. I really can't list them all. All I can say is, the Fire Nation don't want none of this smoke." — J. De Gannes
Neon On Shop / Etsy
And a neon sleeping kitty to keep you company on those long, tiring WFH days
The controller has an on/off button, and the brightness can be adjusted, too. Neon On Shop is a small biz based in Poland that makes custom neon signage. Check out their store page; they have a ton of cool stuff! See this cutie as part of a desk setup on TikTok.

Promising review: "Incredibly bright, far more than the pictures do justice. This single sign can light up my entire studio apartment more than any other light I own. Looks great above the windowsill in my studio and will definitely be buying more from this seller." — Richard
A high-back ergonomic mesh chair that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars
Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a Herman Miller chair, but today is not that day. This affordable alternative reclines up to 135 degrees, has a FOOTREST, and comes in the cutest light green shade (as well as neutral options). Check out this TikTok where one reviewer talks about finding this as a swap for similar $600 version!

Promising review: "I absolutely adore this chair. I ordered it in the teal color and it is even prettier in person. Matches my office perfectly! I looked around for a chair with a footrest and some of them were so expensive I started to lose hope. Then I found this one and I was so excited! It arrived so fast, very well packaged, was super easy to put together and so cute and comfy for my work office!" — Marcela Eghet
A white acrylic turntable mat because if you collect records and DON'T have one of these yet, you're missing out
Acrylic mats are among the best you can buy, offering a cleaner and more crisp sound, and if you get a white one, you'll actually be able to see all the gorgeous colors and marbling on your translucent records! Check it out on TikTok!

Promising review: "Completely worth the money, makes my translucent vinyl appear so much brighter and vibrant. I’ve noticed the quality is much better than the mat that came with my table. I’ve included a picture with a standard black foam mat vs. the white acrylic — such a huge difference!" — Connor C
Uncommon Goods
A Book Nook that's perfect for a nightstand or end table
This "reading shrine" lets you rest whatever book you're in the middle of on top of the triangle so you save your spot without damaging the spine or dog-earing the page. It also has a spot for a coffee mug, your glasses, and phone, plus soft feet underneath to prevent scratches to your furniture. This is an Uncommon Goods original, and you can see more on their TikTok!

Promising review: "When I saw this Book Nook, I was thrilled. I bought it for myself and it's perfect. Not only can you use the round spot for a cup of tea or coffee, I put my candle on there. If you don't wear glasses, your remote might fit perfectly in that spot. There is a little triangular nook for your phone. But the best thing is that you can save your spot in your book. My books are always tossed around and I can't find my bookmarks. I'm going to buy one of these for all the rooms where I read. This makes an excellent gift." — MJ
And stunning ceramic book vases from Chronicle Books' Bibliophile collection
These are absolutely brimming with literary charm — why would you store fresh flowers or kitchen utensils in anything else when these perfect pieces exist? TikTok continues to love its viral book vases, and I'll continue to obsess over each one. (I love my Puransen book vase, but maybe it needs some friends?)

Promising review: "I bought all three vases in this collection and love them all. They were all securely packed and in perfect condition. The gold foil beautifully accents them. I might buy more as gifts because these are so good! The perfect home decor piece!" — Katie
An Airstik reusable suction mount that can move around with you as needed without losing adhesion! Now you can film videos and snap pics on your own — no bulky tripod or Instagram boyfriend needed.
You can use a phone or tablet in this, in landscape or portrait orientation — so it's great if you like to watch videos while getting ready in front of a mirror! See it in action on TikTok.

Promising review: "I was skeptical and didn't think it would stick more than once, but I was WRONG! I was VERY impressed at the suction power. The back doesn't feel super sticky to me but it sure sticks to all the mirrors I tried it on (and I re-stuck it over 4 times). It even holds my bulky heavy iPhone with an Otterbox with plenty of room. I'm super happy at this purchase! It's going to make filming content and getting ready in the mornings SO much easier! HiGHLY recommend." — AV716
An affordable and surprisingly chic entryway shoe organizer
This has two flip-out drawers that can store up to 12 pairs of shoes, so you stop tripping over that pile by the front door when you're running late to work. Plus, you can make it a one-stop shop for other essentials like your car keys and dog leashes — and place cute decor on top! Check out an unboxing and get a closer look at it on TikTok! Of course, you could also position two of these side by side if you have the space.

Promising review: "Obsessed with this cabinet. The quality is great for the price and it’s so stylish and doesn’t take up much space for the storage it provides! I added little hooks on the side to be able to hang dog leashes. The only con would be if you have large feet you aren’t going to be able to fit as many pairs of shoes in. My size 10s fit just right, but my husbands shoes sometimes have to go sideways so can only fit 1–3 pairs in the bottom drawer. But still better than on the floor!" — Nancy
Gardenbelle / Etsy
An ethereal wide-leg jumpsuit that'll make you glam at every wedding, soirée and fancy shindig
I don't know about you but my TikTok feed is just full of people showing off gorgeous jumpsuits right now, and I'm not complaining. This is available in women's sizes XXS–5X and six colors, and you can tie it all sorts of ways, like leaving a long dramatic tie in the back or making a cute bow at the front.

Oh, and here's the TikTok of someone trying on this jumpsuit in green (it shows it in more natural daytime lighting)! Gardenbelle is a small biz that makes earthy boho and festival fashion pieces.

Promising reviews: "I have never received more compliments in my life! Super lightweight and perfect for summer." — Loren D Tipping

"OMG GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to wear this. It's incredible and made me feel so good!" — Katie Flack
And a strappy floral dress with a gorgeous tie detail on the bodice and a slim-fitting flowy style you can dress up or down
This dress also gets a lot of hype for looking veryyy similar to Réalisation Par's $250 Alba dress (see it on TikTok). It comes in both a long and short version! Grab it in sizes XXS–XL.

Promising reviews: "Saw it on TikTok and couldn't help myself. Looks exactly like it does in the videos and it’s very cute. Can be worn with sneakers and/or heels. Just as chic either way. Satin-like feel. Love it." — Siva Tibet

"My friend owns the real deal Réalisation Par dress and let me borrow it for an event, and afterward I knew I was in love and needed it for myself. In searching the internet high and low for [an alternative], I found this and honestly it's perfect. It fits amazing, and looks exactly like the real thing. I will be candidly honest, the stitching is a little wonky on some of the sides, but hardly noticeable to others. I will totally buy another one of these dresses in another print. I get so many compliments every time I wear it." — Zoey
ColourPop's creme gel liners with a waterproof and highly pigmented formula that'll last a whopping 18 HOURS without budging or smudging
Check them out on TikTok! I need these in every color, stat.

Promising review: "Hypoallergenic. Lasts forever — I wore it for a day and a half just to see what would happen: barely smudgy even after sleep. Downsides: Not a thin line/ unprecise, and a little hard to work with to get how you want it (somewhere between creamy and dry, so not bad, but hard to fix mistakes). Definitely a learning curve, but the longevity gets it 4.5 and the low allergen puts it over the top." — ScruffDaPup
Urban Outfitters
And Kaleidos' color-shifting melt-on eyeliners that'll take your breath away with their radiant finish and multichromatic beauty
I discovered these from this TikTok, where the creator uses them as part of a gorgeous pastel purple eye look. These are vegan, cruelty-free, and waterproof!

Promising review: "Absolutely gorgeous duo-chromed liner and it is so pigmented! It has a great formula where it's just soft enough to glide on easily but firm enough you have good control on how thick or skinny you want to line." — jokojo
Design Within Reach
A Hay rice paper shade inspired by Asian paper lanterns
It'll bring a warm and cozy glow to your space. It also won't clutter a nightstand or end table since you can hang it from above! This beautiful paper shade gets a shoutout near the end of this TikTok, which is where I first spotted it. And you can check out an unboxing + DIY installation here, where the creator actually replaces their rental ceiling fan with it!

Promising reviews: "Great shade, filters light well and is especially pretty with colored lights if you plan on using a color-changing light bulb. I plan on getting another." — Joseph V.

"I put mine in the dining room and it just shines! We updated an old house (1939) and the contemporary shade adds energy and soft light. Perfection!" — Claudia S.
This duvet cover set if you love the look and feel of linen but can't stomach the price tag
Not only does this come in the dreamiest shades, but reviewers also rave about its soft, textured feel. Note: While many describe this set as breathable, some say it's too warm for hot summers, so you may find it better suited to the cooler months of the year. One TikToker compares these to their Bed Threads linen bedding set costing over $300, if you want a similar look.

Promising reviews: "The color is great, perfect match for the UO jersey set. The cover is soft, stretchy, doesn't seem to pill too much even though I wash it frequently. My last jersey comforter was way more expensive than this and pilled like a nightmare after two washes." — Malinut

"It’s very soft, comfortable, super breathable, and keeps you warm. It’s like sleeping with clouds. I was searching for a duvet cover that felt like the fancy hotel ones and this one is perfect." — Jason Arroyo
A fringed outdoor UPF50 umbrella that'll upgrade the look of your entire patio without costing you hundreds
Check it out on TikTok. (Psst — you could string globe lights up under and around this for a cozy cafe vibe.)

Promising review: "These had great reviews and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much given the price. I had been eyeing similar styles on Serena & Lily and Frontgate, but since I live in Florida with tropical storms, I really didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg knowing I’ll have to replace them every couple of years regardless of quality. These are really fun and add a resort-like flare to any backyard set up. They seem to be great quality for the price. Overall, they’ve withstood a number of thunderstorms this past month and all three are holding up well. If you’re looking to add a lot of character to your patio or pool area while on a budget, I definitely recommend these." — SE
Queen Cosmetics
Queen Cosmetics' diamond shimmer lip gloss if you LIVE and BREATHE glitter
Check out this TikTok showing the yellow Aphrodite shade layered over a navy blue lipstick — the effect is GORGEOUS and is just one example of the fun you can have layering these with your fave lipstick shades!

Queen Cosmetics is a Latina-owned small business that launched in 2020.

Promising review: "I’m not one to review that often, but when I tell you this gloss and the business owner are absolutely amazing, I am being so genuine! Ellie and the people she has helping reply to emails are so incredibly sweet and helpful. This gloss is so magical I can’t even capture in a picture how sparkly it is. It’s not gritty at all and I just ordered three more glosses!!! Please please please support this small business, I’ve been doing makeup for years and these glosses have to be in my top five favorite products across the board. So versatile!!" — Malia B.
And Physicians Formula Diamond Dust translucent powder for brushing some shimmer onto your cheeks, eyes, lips and elsewhere
Reviewers compare this to Fenty Beauty's Diamond Bomb highlighter (which retails for over $40), though this is slightly less pigmented, which some say they prefer. Get a side-by-side look at this next to the Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter on TikTok — the creator applies one to each cheek for comparison!

Promising review: "I love love love my Physicians Formula Diamond Dust mineral powder! I wish I’d known about this before I spent $42 on a Fenty compact that does MORE than I want with the sparkle; this product gives just the right amount of coverage without having it end up all over my face and on my clothes as well. It’s also pretty if you want to bring attention to your collarbones or shoulders. A perfect amount of shimmer with little effort! Try it!! You can thank me later!!" — camielle parent
Living Proof's flex hairspray offering medium hold for your perfectly styled locks
This stuff smells AMAZING too, at least according to this TikTok that popped up on my FYP.

Promising review
: "I purchased this because I wanted to try old Hollywood style waves and it performed beautifully. Great hold, no obvious stiffness. The smell...amazing. A soft powdery I don't know what, but it smells amazing type of smell. Sometimes I spray this just for the smell!" — charolina
3D Gift Design / Etsy
A 3D-printed Nintendo Switch dock and charger that's more than just quirky gaming decor — it actually charges your Switch Joy-Cons
And it can output directly to your TV! Plus, the "pot" at the bottom can store up to 10 game cards so your most-played titles are always within reach. This is from a small biz on Etsy, 3D Gift Design. (Note: This doesn't come with cables — if you need a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect this to the TV, the seller has verified this one works! This USB-C extension cable is verified to work, too.)

Check it out on TikTok!

Promising review: "Shipped and arrived quickly. Easy to put together. The added video for adding the cables was super helpful. Boyfriend loves it and put it in the game room immediately." — missericamichelle
Milk Makeup's Sculpt Stick, a matte cool-toned cream contour stick that comes in one of the darkest shades on the market as well as three lighter ones so everyone can sculpt and define their face
You can see one creator try on the Sizzle shade in this TikTok!

Promising review: "When I first received it I was disappointed with the very small size, but after I used it I realized a little goes a long way!! Also thank you Milk for being inclusive! I can never find shades dark enough for me and this fits the bill! Also, it's easily blendable but stays where you put it." — Kailiijae
A Bloom air purifier that can hide in plain sight in your home, because it doubles as an accent table with storage, or it can actually grow a plant (!)
It uses HEPA filtration to remove pollutants, odors, dust, pet dander and other allergens so you're breathing cleaner air without sacrificing your aesthetic. Also, if you do plan on using this as a planter, they claim that the constant air circulation creates an ideal atmosphere for growth, helping develop stronger roots and stems and reducing fungal infections and rot. So if you've struggled with keeping plants alive, this could help!

(It's definitely not cheap, but considering most high-quality air purifiers run over 100 bucks anyway, and all the added features of this, it seems worth it if you take your air quality and home aesthetic seriously! It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.)

Get a closer look at it on TikTok!

Promising review: "The Bloom air purifier is a breath of fresh air, literally! It not only removes allergens and pollutants but also adds a touch of greenery with its integrated planter. It's a beautiful addition to any space." — James Martin
Merit Beauty's Solo Shadows, made for minimalist makeup lovers who prefer to invest in staples over expensive palettes
These cream-to-powder shadows are buildable and versatile — you can blend them on using your finger for a sheer wash of color, layer on more for a bolder look, or use a tapered brush to apply it like eyeliner. Check out one creator's review on TikTok.

Promising review: "I've always hated wearing eyeshadow; it's never been my thing. I don't like dealing with creasing and the messy application of powders. But the Merit eyeshadow is amazing because it's a cream that wears like a powder once it's on. This product doesn't crease at all and has a beautiful matte finish. I also love the Midcentury shade on my medium-tan skin. it looks so natural and it's a great shade to wear to work." — Jnrosado
Hendricks Design / Etsy
A wall-mounted planter with a hidden twist-off drip tray that's functional without sacrificing style
If your home has a serious lack of available surfaces for your ever-growing plant family, this is such a cool solution. Check out the renter-friendly version (which uses a hidden Command strip) on TikTok!

Hendricks Design is a Cleveland, Ohio-based small biz. They offer this same planter concept in other designs on their store page!

Promising review: "These are perfect for apartment living where I have limited window ledge space but love my plants. Plus, I love the removable water drain base and the color. Such a cool concept!" — Rachael Rucker
And finally, a gorgeous dimmable gold LED light to light up your bathroom, vanity or even wall-mounted artwork without dropping $1,000 on RH's linear sconces
Check it out on TikTok, along with other RH swaps on Amazon.

Promising review: "These lights are spectacular! Amazing materials and build quality. Beautiful lines and design. They look far more expensive than they are. So gorgeous, we are trying to figure out another place to put them in the house." — Cheryl

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