35 Reasons J.K. Rowling Should Never, Ever Leave Twitter

Mother Potter is the internet savior we deserve.

J.K. Rowling is the powerhouse behind the “Harry Potter” universe, and we love her for it. From the books to the films to the theme parks, you’d think a woman who has already given us so much couldn’t possibly give us any more.

But, au contraire, friends. Rowling’s Twitter presence has long been lauded, primarily for her ability to take down trolls and provide consistently humorous musings on the world.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which first hit bookshelves back in 1997, we’ve decided to celebrate Mother Potter in the best way possible: Rounding up her most iconic tweets for our reading/retweeting pleasure. There are 35 of them. You’re welcome.

Her #relatable feelings of frustration that led to needing cake:

This classic response to a troll that does double duty as a song lyric:

These epic responses to/subtweets about trolls:

Her complete and utter vitriol toward President Donald Trump:

That time she wrote out “Expecto Patronum” for a fan’s tattoo:

When she’s frequently expressed her love for otters:


When she received a truly incredible mug for her birthday:

That time she served up some serious sass about women and sex (... and women everywhere started clapping):

When she admitted that killing all those people in the “Harry Potter” world was hard on her, too. Even Snape:

When she revealed the one thing that rivals Voldemort in terms of evilness — printers:

Those times she filled us in on the ups and downs of her writing life:

That time she said she doesn’t care if you think she’s a bitch:

When she referred to herself in the third person to declare that she loved the casting of a black Hermione in the “Cursed Child” play:

That time she said the phrase “penis hat”:

When she proved she’s ~ just like us ~:

J.K. Rowling ― never stop tweeting. Ever.

From June 1 to 30, HuffPost is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the very first “Harry Potter” book by reminiscing about all things Hogwarts. Accio childhood memories.



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