360-Degree Turn -- Now the Right Is Attacking Shirley Sherrod for Calling Breitbart a Racist

As fast as they issued mea culpas because of the treatment of Shirley Sherrod, some members of the right are now seemingly taking back those mea culpas and are attempting to make Sherrod into Madame Defarge while at the same time trying to make Andrew Breitbart into a victim.

My guess is that in the next few days you will be hearing about this interview with Anderson Cooper in right-wing circles:

The portion of the interview which will probably be focused on is at 2:30 when Sherrod says she thinks Breitbart would like to get African-Americans "stuck back in the times of slavery." She later says that she thinks he is a racist. Both of these statements came from her responding to a comment Breitbart made in Politico, another online site.

Did I say will be focused on? I meant to say is now being focused on.

BigGovernment.com, one of Breitbart's websites, now contains a listing of links from conservatives who on Friday said that Sherrod owes Breitbart an apology:

This also includes a listing of other right-wing pieces demonizing Sherrod:

Now in all fairness, there are pieces listed praising Sherrod or focusing objectively on her story.

I say don't you dare apologize, Ms. Sherrod. I fail to see how anyone can make Breitbart the victim in this situation when he was the one who tried to ruin your career and name as part of a vindictive attack on the NAACP, which he has YET to apologize for.

And don't be fooled by the "we were in Ms. Sherrod's corner until she started spouting nonsense" that's most likely sure to come.

According to Media Matters, members of the right were making this turn as early as Thursday when some were claiming that the White House orchestrated the entire situation.

I guess we will know by Monday whether or not the right will return to their regularly scheduled program of the "Obama Administration don't like white people"  but this time featuring Ms. Sherrod as the star.

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