37 Photos Of Kids Taking A Quick Snooze In Odd Places

Perhaps "sleep like a baby" should be changed to "sleep like a kid."

Though kids are notorious for keeping their parents from sleeping, they can apparently pass out almost anywhere for a quick snooze. Whether they’re at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or just in the hallway, many kids seem happy to make due with wherever they are to get some sleep.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of the random places their kids have fallen asleep. Check out the hilarious and impressive results below:

Nicci Brooks
Katie-Anne Mentus
My son on New Year's Eve.
Jodie Aiolfi
On the ground outside Magic Kingdom with a pillow of cotton candy.
Natalie Thompson
She won't sleep for me, driving around in a car doesn't work, cuddling -- nope, but leave her with a babysitter and I get photos like this.
Geraldine Simpson
Disney World in Florida -- we flew from Ireland.
Danielle Frahn
When she was little she could fall asleep anywhere -- this was just one of the places!
Jennifer Robinson-Lee
Jumping on the trampoline is hard!!
Shawn L Battmer
My husband sent this to me shortly after I went back to work, still cracks me up! She was a chronic non-napper until she hit this age, so it was totally unexpected for my husband!
Ashley Walters
Dozing off behind the wheel.
Dixie Dawn
My daughter a few years back. Totally wasn't expecting to find her like this, but it made for a great memory... and possibly future blackmail. LOL
Gabi Reith Licitra
On our lake vacay in South Carolina. We pushed him into the shade and our little fish took a 3-hour nap.
Grace Telcs
He couldn't even stay awake at the ice cream shop, poor thing.
Cassidy Longoria
My baby boy said he was going to play and fell asleep on a box in the hallway.
Melissa Agawa
Kerri Beatty
Monster jam rally. At the end, when the trucks go all out.
Christine Spicer
Sydney Airport, on the way to a USA holiday. My 5-year-old decided to sleep prior to the 14-hour flight and not much during.
Michele Stephenson
We took too long grocery shopping, but my husband tried to make him a little more comfortable by providing the paper towels.
Alice Hinck
J.B. Dixon
My daughter had her own social media hashtag for all the random places she would fall asleep.
Amanda Elwood
He fell asleep getting his hair cut and had everybody in the shop laughing!
Hope Rapini
On the kitchen floor, after his 3rd birthday party.
Kelly LaGrant
Literally sleeping on a bed of pillows! LOL
Amy Sheikh
Fell asleep riding her new trike!
Jenny Lorence-Westling
He made it into his cubby.
Zara BoKay
His first time skiing, while going down the hill! "Stand up buddy...Leo? Leo?" He was snoozing away... he just didn't want to stop.
Jenny Lorence-Westling
My son falls asleep in a lot of random places! Who sleeps squatting!?
Ashley Lynn
Almost made it! We were waiting to go pick her brother up from school, and she crawled over to her car seat and passed out!
Dixie Dawn
One of my faves. An old but priceless pic of my second son. He was about 4 years old here.
Monse Mora
He was playing, getting in and out and hiding from me. I was folding laundry, next thing I know he was sleeping.
Sadina Marjanovic
This is a chair in our dining room -- her mid-day nap was not long enough I guess, so she fell asleep again after waking up :) She slept there for another 25 minutes. I checked up on her a couple of times, just to make sure she does not fall off of the chair...
Alissa Harris
My daughter, Lucy, sleeps in the most bizarre positions! So much so, that my Facebook friends think I should make a book of all of her sleeping poses. Here she is after sleep-walking into the living room, where she promptly fell back asleep like this!
Laura E. Caldera MarquezApril 12
Because what parent doesn't love coming out of their room at night to use the bathroom, only to be scared shitless by a body at the end of the hallway!?!?
Keith Layne
During the fireworks at Disney.
Amber Taylor
Alexandra Cooke
On the way back up the tubing hill on Mount Baldy. Good thing Dad was there to drag her up. She woke right back up at the top and said, "MORE!"
Melanie Resch
She falls asleep everywhere. Coloring in her dreams....
Mandy Pom
He didn't have his afternoon nap, so he fell asleep on the drive to dinner at Chipotle. Stayed sleeping in my arms while I ordered, slept through dinner on this bench at Chipotle, still asleep when transferred back to his car seat, and ultimately went to bed at 6:15 p.m. and was out for the night!

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