37 Tiny Moments That Add Up To Real Love

Nothing says true love quite like buying your partner tampons.

It's easy to put pressure on a romantic relationship during specific occasions: a proposal, Valentine's Day, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding. But in reality, the other, more "normal" days are quieter, and often provide better excuses to love and be loved. Bigger is not always better.

Here are 37 tiny moments that show what true love really looks like:

1. When your partner makes coffee for you right before you wake up in the morning.

2. When you give your partner a back massage even though you're tired, too.

3. When you lend your phone charger/headphones/socks to your partner, knowing that you probably won't get them back right away.

4. When your kid does something really amazing and you and your partner give each other this look that says, "Wow, we created that."

5. When you go to three different grocery stores to find his/her favorite dark chocolate bar.

6. When you laugh at each other's bed head.

7. When you lock eyes at a family dinner and know the first thing you each will say in the car afterwards.

8. When your partner orders you an Uber because you're running late for work.

9. When you visit your parents and noticing your partner doing the dishes or helping your parent learn to use a new iPhone (unasked).

10. When your partner has a glass of wine ready for you when you walk in the door after work.

11. When you buy your partner his/her favorite snack from Trader Joes.

12. When you get a text that says "good night" or "good morning" -- with no expectation of a conversation. It's just a simple note to say you're in your partner's thoughts.

13. When your partner runs out to buy you tampons.

14. When your partner sends you a "good morning" video every single day while in a long distance relationship.

15. When you and your partner promised not to give each other anything for your anniversary, and s/he surprises you with a video filled with snippets from your life together instead.

16. When your partner surprises you with donuts. Enough said.

17. When your partner carries you around after you break your foot or fracture your arm or pull your back out.

18. When your partner puts on a really boring podcast for you when you can't fall asleep at night.

19. When your partner tidies up around the house.

20. When your partner fills a jar with only blue Skittles that s/he picked one by one from a bag because the blue Skittles are your favorite.

21. When your partner cooks or takes care of you when you're sick.

22. When your partner stands for hours at the front of a stage waiting to see Beyonce despite the fact that s/he doesn't like her music that much.

23. When your partner surprises you at work with lunch.

24. When you pick the restaurant you know your partner wants even though "I don't care, you pick" was said.

25. When you spend a lot of time researching holiday gifts for your partner's family.

26. When your partner reminds you just how beautiful you are (without being prompted), on a day when you feel less than beautiful.

27. When your partner buys his/her favorite book from childhood for your baby niece's first Christmas.

28. When your partner has chicken noodle soup delivered to your apartment when you're home sick.

29. When your partner helps your friends with whatever they need because your friends mean a lot to you.

30. When you and your partner spontaneously dance together when a song you both love comes on -- be it in the kitchen, bedroom or hallway.

31. When your partner says "I'm proud of you" for getting through something difficult.

32. When you're allowed to fall asleep during a road trip.

33. When your partner catches up on three seasons of "The Americans" in time for the fourth season premiere so that you two can have a show together.

34. When your partner keeps an iPhone list of the funniest things you've ever said and reads them out loud to you when you need a laugh.

35. When your partner buys a toaster, coffee maker, space heater and microwave for his/her apartment so that you're as comfortable as possible when you stay there.

36. When you and your partner decide to skip Valentine's Day gifts and instead spend your money at your favorite restaurant in town and stuff your faces.

37. When your partner tells you that you're genuinely a better singer than Jennifer Hudson. You are.

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