26 Inspired Quotes on Peace

No matter what your politics, philosophy, religion, nationality, race, creed, color, or astrological sign, I think it's fair to say that ALL people on planet Earth (except maybe the munitions industry) are inspired by the possibility of peace. And so, towards that end, here are 26 inspired quotes on the topic by various luminaries whose lives, in one way or the other, have been dedicated to helping make peace a day to day reality for everyone

If you (or anyone you know) are hosting an International Peace Day event, on September 21st, feel free to show this 5-minute slide show. Or simply forward it to people you think might be inspired by it's message. And if it whets your appetite for more uplifting, peace-themed messages, consider tuning into PeaceCast's 48-hour live stream broadcast, beginning at 8:00 am (EDT) on September 20th and ending at 6:00 am (EDT) on September 22nd.