38-Year-Old Says Nothing Inappropriate About His ‘Special Bond’ With Teen Niece

Kevin, 38, says over the last two years, he has developed a “special bond” with his 16-year-old niece, Grace.

“After Grace’s father died, she became very depressed. She just really wouldn’t get out of bed. I was there as a shoulder to cry on,” he explains. “We formed this close relationship, a special bond that we have. It’s not anything that I set out to do. It’s kind of the path that we went down.”

But has Kevin crossed the line with his niece? Grace’s mother Bridget fears he has, especially since finding an empty bottle of whip cream in Grace’s room and learning from Grace that Kevin allegedly asked her to lick it off his neck. 

However, Kevin says the “whip cream” incident was completely misconstrued.

“Grace asked me to bring over a bottle of whip cream. When I brought the whip cream over, I made a bad joke. I put whip cream on my neck. She, maybe, laughed a little bit, but she’s like, ‘That’s weird,’” Kevin says in the video above. “I was embarrassed. It was a bad joke. I wiped it off really quick. That was the last that we even talked about it.”

Kevin maintains, “There is absolutely nothing inappropriate with my relationship with Grace.”

Hear what Dr. Phil has to say to both Bridget and Grace. And on Tuesday, hear more from “Uncle Kevin” on Tuesday’s show — watch a preview here.