39 Lashes: Artist Angela Su Tattoos Her Back Like The Wounds Of Christ (PHOTO)

Artist Gets Tattoo Of Christ's 39 Lashes

Artist Angela Su recently got a tattoo of 39 prayer fragments -- done without ink -- resulting in a series of red scars across her back.

According to the Japan Times, the painful exercise was meant to resemble the lashes Christ received in the Bible. The artwork is currently on display in an ongoing exhibit titled, "Hong Kong Eye," dedicated to the work of 24 contemporary Hong Kong artists.

angela su

Su's tattoo project seeks to address self-mutilation practices in our culture, from simple tattoos to other acts of body modification. On her blog, the artist provides disturbing details of the process.

Her projects -- "The Hartford Girl" and "One-Woman-Apartment" -- both focus on an artist's inclination to withstand pain, echoing the ideas of more seasoned performance artists like Marina Abramovic and Franko B.

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