39 Ridiculous Car FAILS (PHOTOS)

39 Ridiculous Car FAILS

We had no idea how easy it was to be extremely clever and really, really stupid at the same time -- until now.

Thanks to sites like There I Fixed It and other FAIL enthusiasts on the web, the Internet is full of pictures of ridiculous car hacks, FAILS or quick fixes gone wrong. When it comes to cars, it seems there's almost nothing that a little American ingenuity can't fix. Broken A/C? Just install a home window unit in your backseat. No driver's side mirror? That's nothing that a few Bandaids or an old CD can't fix. Want a truck or a van but you've only got a two-door sedan? Well, get ready to meet "Frankencar," your new best friend.

OK, so we don't suggest that you actually try anything in the slideshow below, but we do recommend that you click through all 39 so you don't make the same (unimaginable) mistakes. Just remember: duct tape can't fix everything, umbrellas have no place in vehicles and a 2x4 does not a bumper make. Vote for the funniest pictures below and click over to There I Fixed It to see more ridiculous FAILS.

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Ridiculous Car FAILS

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