11 Mesmerizing 3D Chalk Art Masterpieces That Will <em>Melt Your Brains</em>

11 Mesmerizing 3D Chalk Art Masterpieces That Will

There are few joys quite like turning an everyday sidewalk into a gaping cave cascading with rainbow waterfalls. To achieve such an uncanny phenomenon, you can either experiment with some seriously hallucinogenic substances, or stumble across the visual treasure trove that is three-dimensional chalk art.

In the past few years the grassroots art form of 3D chalk has become a medium to be reckoned with. As the visual amalgamation of optical illusions, hyperrealism and public street art, the accessible technique appeals to pretty much everyone. Aside from its hypnotic affect and impressive technique, chalk art rules because the subject matter can truly be anything. Take a look at our roundup below, which includes everything from a giant snail to a game of Pac-Man. Just try and tell us this isn't the most democratic, and psychedelic, art form out there.

Behold, 11 truly awesome works of 3D chalk art to bring out the weird kid inside.

1. This rainbow waterfall
Image credit: Shout

By Joe Hill

2. This giant whiskey atop a scenic overlook

By Manfred Stader

3. This white water rafting adventure.

By Julian Beever

4. This giant snail.

By Julian Beever

5. This terrifying depiction of David.

By Kurt Wenner

5. This strange torture bed.

By Manfred Staderbr>

6. This cruelly enticing hot tub.

By Manfred Stader

7. This meditative koi pond.

By Tracy Lee Stum

9. This trippy water cave.

By Edgar Mueller

10. This awesome life-size Pacman game.

By Leon Keer

11. This spooky Egyptian tomb.

By Tracy Lee Stum

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