3D Optical Illusions By Kokichi Sugihara Will Make You Believe The Impossible (VIDEO)

Impossible 2D Drawings Made Possible... In 3D

We've all seen drawings of impossible objects like M.C. Escher's Penrose stairs and ascending and descending walkway. However, after seeing the optical illusions of mathematics researcher and professor Kokichi Sugihara, we hesitate to use the word impossible so lightly.

The Japan based master of perception works with a computer software that interprets two dimensional line drawings as three dimensional objects. Sometimes, as one would expect, the software rejects the original designs as impossible. But not always.

In Sugihara's words, "Sometimes the program turned these objects into real objects, and that's how I discovered that some impossible objects are not really impossible—they can actually be built as solids in three-dimensional space." See figures ascend against gravity, challenge your perception of parallel lines and, quite simply, blow your mind.

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